Monday, August 25, 2014

What a beautiful, cloudy day (Katie-Angers)

What an incredible week. Each day as a missionary I see clearer and clearer my purpose as a daughter of God on this earth. I love being a missionary.

For those of you who didn't know, this transfer is the first transfer with a companion younger than me both in the mission and in real life. Her name is Soeur Farmer (no, she's not an actual farmer) and she is from Kirkland, Washington (yes, as in the Costco brand). It's very interesting because this is also the first transfer where I am the "lead missionary." I mean, we don't have senior/junior companionships, but there is always a more experienced missionary that tends to influence the work. This is the first time I've been able to step back and look at MYSELF being a missionary. Just me. It's very strange. And yet, it's refreshing. I've always been so hard on myself because I'm not as good as my wonderful companion, and yet now, I see that many of those incredible qualities of past companions have actually rubbed off a little! I have created good habits. I have learned the language (still learning). I can teach (but also still learning). And I love teaching my beautiful bleue how to be a missionary. I love showing her how incredible it is. How much fun we have. The happiness that comes with it. And so far, so good. 

Each day is pulling me back to my days as a young missionary (meaning that I am no longer a young missionary...?). Her questions, her hesitations, her expectations, each and every step that she is taking towards becoming a really good missionary. And can I just say that I am so blessed. The fire that she has to learn is wonderful. The desire that she has to practice her french and practice teaching and to testify is wonderful. She is wonderful. And we are already seeing miracles. 

A couple of days ago, we were doing some contacting on the streets after passing by a less-active, when we see this african woman walking along with her a little boy. As we walk up to her, I feel this love for her like I've never felt for a random person that I don't even know. We start talking to her, and it turns out that she was in the middle of searching for a little church she saw on the side of the road driving in her car once. But she couldn't find it. And then WE find her, and she just keeps saying, "C'est pas par hasard qu'on s'est croisées dans la rue aujourd'hui. C'est pas par hasard." It's not by accident that we met each other today. It's not by accident. And do know what the biggest tender mercy about this experience was? She speaks slowly. Soeur Farmer understood perfectly her french and was able to participate in the contact. How beautiful is that?

But don't worry, we're also having fun. I'm making sure to well-integrate my darling fille (daughter) in the french culture of FOOD. I made her crêpes. She tried some cheese (nice and doux (mild) for her first time). We had nutella paninis. She even had one of my favorite pâtisseries, a pain au chocolat aux amandes (okay we shared it). It's been good. And then the other pictures are of Soeur Wynn's last pday in France. Beautiful Angers, a mini-train we rode around the city, the crêperie we went to. And of course, our 3 generation pic at St. Merri, the sad day of separation from 3 of my very favorite people. 

And yet, la vie est belle. Even on a cloudy day.

all my love,

Soeur Katie Pettingill
beautiful Angers
Three generations--mission talk
trying French cheese
new companions

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