Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This is the end (Jacob-Limoges)

Well I guess this will be the last real update that you will get from Elder Pettingill Sr. This week went by extremely quickly and we had a ton of miracles as well. On Tuesday we headed to Bordeaux to go get ipads. That was super fun. I didn't get one so I got to enjoy the smiling faces of all the other missionaries. It is funny because as a normal person I think that iPads are not as cool as these missionaries thought. It was like Christmas and Easter combined. It was fun to have two zones all in the church building trying to do a training and configuration of the ipads. I didnt have much to do so I wandered around and studied and talked to the assistants. It was very fun and by now I think everyone has calmed down and realized that the ipads are a means not an end and just like we would never sit looking at a really shiny garden tool for hours, we dont need to look at our wonderful tools for no reason either. We have found it to be pretty useful however. We have only been able to use the study tools for the moment such as gospel library but apparently some time later they will integrate the planning tools and online proselyting as well, although I am sure that I will be able to integrate much faster than they will ;) 

Other than that we have obviously been working with Julien a lot to keep him moving forward with the Gospel! On Saturday we went to Conference de Pieu (Stake..) and Julien came to that. There was a regional 70 Elder Boutoille and President Roney. It was a wonderful two days and Julien enjoyed it very much! Elder Boutoille shared what I imagine will be shared or was shared in your stake conference about sacrament meeting. He shared some wonderful insights by general authorities and by others about the importance of the sabbath day and the sacrament. I feel blessed to have a family that taught me how to keep the sabbath day holy.

One last cool miracle was going out one morning as we were just talking to people and we were having a fun time and talked to this really cool lady who was really ready. She lost her father a couple weeks ago and has been coming back to Christ. It is amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people to hear His Gospel. I love it. I have been so grateful to be able to be a missionary for the last two years seeing how Heavenly Father has put his hand into the lives of individuals and touched them little by little. We often say that Satan is not urgent and will work us little by little, but I think that Heavenly Father is not urgent either and in the end it will be his hand that will win. I know that He leads His Church through living prophets. I know that the perspective of the Plan of Salvation can give us the necessary motivation and desire to push forward steadfast in Christ, showing little steps of faith, changing our lives to be like his. I am grateful for his Atonement that strengthens us and has strengthened me to be able to always make the right choice. I am grateful for the transforming, enabling, and comforting powers that come through the Holy Ghost. On Sunday night before heading back in I felt so much desire to just talk with people. We walked over to the road and stopped a lady. After 5 minutes she began to cry as she told us of her recently deceased husband. I am so grateful for the hope we were able to share. 

Je vous aime tous! (I love you all!)
à tres bientôt!! (see you very soon!!)
Elder Jacob Pettingill 

Societe de Secours is Relief Society, referring to the fact that he has only sisters in his district