Monday, August 25, 2014

Week1/Transfer 10 (Jacob-Nice)

Well it is now to the point where I am on the downhill run (10 months left) and this week was absolutely amazing! We had so many miracles happen and I am not really sure why we were so blessed. We were able to teach our ami Benoit on Saturday and his son came. We taught them both the retablissement (restoration) and they accepted baptismal goals for the 27th September. He has now been to church twice and it is absolutely amazing because we were teaching him with a member and because he is a referal from another member in St Raphael, he basically already has a testimony! He has seen the huge changes in the life of his friend and so he told us that, if the Book of Mormon has been able to change her so much, it can and will do the same for him. Huge testimony of teaching the friends of those that have already SEEN the blessings of living a life filled by the gospel.

Another huge miracle, a 40 yr old member living here but from Utah felt prompted to speak with his neighbor about the gospel. So to prepare he fasted the day before and then invited his friend to get an "orange juice" and he talked to him. It turns out that his friend's wife (he is American also but his wife is French) had been talking a lot about raising their three daughters in a religious enviroment and maybe even getting them baptised. So this member talked to him and asked him if he would like to meet with US, the missionaries. So the member had planned to head back to the United States that night (last Thursday) for a wedding. So around 1 o'clock we get a call asking us if we could come over for a dinner and then teach this friend. We went over and enjoyed an awesome meal together (very French and yummy) and then taught this man. He took a Book of Mormon and hopfully we will be seeing him this Thursday night after we get back from Lyon. Such an awesome happening! I am so grateful for that member who was prepared, and then acted when he had the feelings to share this wonderful message with his friend! I know that this gospel is true and that the gospel makes us happy!! 

I love you all and je vous souhaite une bonne semaine (I wish you a good week)!

Elder Pettingill 

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