Monday, August 11, 2014

Peace, love and happiness in France (Katie-Angers)

Hey everyone!

So I've been debating about what to write about. So much has happened this week, and I don't really have the time or energy to write ALL of'm going to explain these pictures.

We celebrated Elder Miller's birthday 3 times. He seriously got so spoiled :) The picture of us and the 4 elders is at district meeting. Then there is the other picture, which is of Soeur Wynn and me with our present that we later gave him. It took at least 3 pdays to figure out and ended up not as great as we hoped. Except that he loved it! So we're good :) Then the third time was at Samedi (Saturday) sports! It didn't rain. Hello blessing from Heavenly Father. Actually, the weather was perfect for playing sports.We surprised Elder Miller with cinnamon rolls (yes, mom, I made cinnamon rolls) and candy! Then we all played soccer together. Which made running for our tram the next day less than comfortable...haha it's been too long, I think. But it was super fun! What a great 20th birthday for all of Angers! :)

We also had a mini-missionary from Thursday until Sunday. IT WAS SO FUN. Lucile is 17, and thinking about going on a mission. So she wanted to see what it was like. It was super fun to watch her adjust to going to bed and waking up at a certain time and then see her testimony develop and her ability to testify strengthen all in FOUR DAYS. I love her! She bought us all her favorite ice cream to tell us how grateful she was for all of the experiences we shared with her. She will be an incredible missionary someday!

Also, we had some cool amis show up at church this week! Malika and her daughter came, and became new amis. We just met her randomly on a tram. She's actually Muslim non-practicing, but really wants her 11-year-old daughter to grow up with religion because she's seen how much it helps people. We just gotta keep teaching her about Christ. They are adorable :) Simone also came, and so did a family that we've been teaching who go to Catholic mass every single Sunday without fail. They are so adorable, and came for Soeur Wynn's second to last Sunday. So good.

We also got completely soaked in the rain AGAIN this week. #itsaugust

Sorry this is so short. But I love being a missionary, and I promise that we had tons of miracles this week. HURRAY THAT THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! Praying for you, love you. Have a fantastic week :)

Soeur Pettingill
Samedi Sports

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