This week was a very interesting fun experience! I am no longer officially legal in France because of the problems with the address that the office accidently messed up on. So I am supposedly going in for a round 6 of doing legality so that I can finish my mission! So that is the most important thing to do this week!

Today we had an awesome Pday in Monte Carlo. I won 25,000 Euros!! No not quite but it was cool to leave France. We ended up going to an awesome marine biology museum there that was absolutely incredible! It was super fun and Elder Davis' recent convert came down from Valence to spent the day with us so that is pretty darn cool! We took lots of fun pictures and then at the end drove by the Monte Carlo Casino (which is apparently in the James Bond Casino Royale movie.) Basically the entire neighborhood is just rich beyond belief and so the lowest class cars were Audis and Mercedes. There were tons of Rolls Royce, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghini, and any other fancy car you can think of. Pictures may come later if I can get drop box to download! Later we went with Anthony (the recent convert) and played Tennis with Tim. It was really fun but I know why I chose not to invest huge amounts of time into it...  In the end we won though.

Other than that this week was crazy! Another exchange! With Elder Palfrey in Nice! That was fun and we saw some great miracles! But the best thing was that Elder Palfrey and I really got to get to know each other! He is super smart and a great missionary! Then later in the week the Assistants stopped by on their way back from Corsica and we got a quick exchange! That was also super great! The thing I realised that I like about exchanges is that it pushes you to work perfectly for one day, and when you do that you have miracles! Then from there on you can adjust what you need to. 

It was awesome with the assistants because we were able to get a double day in and had a car. So Elder Davis and Elder Taua went and visited Roland who had been having a rough time and had distanced himself a little bit from us for about a week and we were getting worried. But then they passed and apparently it went really really well and we are back on schedule to see him again. That was a miracle. 

A funny experience happened when Elder Elvidge and I were contacting and talking to this super golden woman and got her number and fixed a time to go see her. Then I had her number typed into the number screen on the phone and I was going to write it directly into my planner (which I don't normally do) and then E. Elvidge reached over sayng "make sure to call her so you don't lose the number" and then accidently pressed the end button! It turned into a very funny moment when we looked into each others eyes and just sprinted after the lady we contacted and ended up not finding her but spent the rest of the day playing sherlock with the little information that she had given us (she works in a store near where we contacted her and her phone goes like this 07 ## ## 18 18.) So that was fun and in the end we decided the Lord wanted to teach us a lesson. NEVER copy directly into the planner. Call FIRST!
Also big news! District meeting where I was able to profit from the thoughts the wonderful district leader in Antibes, Elder Thompson! We had a wonderful meeting (although I really saw the difference of how preparation brings blessings. As the district leader, it seems like because of all the preparation you get taught more than when you dont present!) But it was really good in any case and the food at the end was amazing! We had baguette pizzas and then these amazing bananas bars with frosting and a speculoos crumble with cream cheese frosting! IT was very hard to finish and I am glad we went to that district meeting and now this week we will be at the Nice district meeting!

This week is again transfers, which is weird! Also I hope that the fun in this email helps take away fear of losing ALL your missionaries to weird diseases and mosquito bites. It is definitely a contrast!!

Well I love you all!!

Elder Pettingill