Well this week has been once again crazy!! It just so happened that I got to do the exchanges in the outer cities this week and so basically that meant not being in Nice for almost 4 days straight. 

On Monday we had a nice relaxing P-day which was nice before we started off on our long fun week. 

Tuesday we went in the morning and played soccer with our friends that we are trying to teach, which was great until we hopped on a train to Antibes where I got to start my exchange with Elder Thompson! I love exchanges because there are so many miracles! Just one quick one was that we were walking back to take a late lunch around 4 pm and we contacted this lady that seemed super nice. We started by using the questionnaire (questions about religion they use to contact people) and it was going really well. She explained how she was slightly believing and was trying to get closer to God. We explained the restoration of the church and then offered her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She was super surprised and thanked us so much. She then began to explain how she had just lost the father of her children and that it was exactly what she needed! She took it and promised to call after reading a little. I then started to quickly testify that families could be together forever and that she would see her husband again; Then she stopped me and said "NOOO, sorry he isn't dead, we are actually just getting a divorce right now.." That was slightly awkward so I just said, well in any case this book will bless you and we left. Haha. 

Then Wednesday afternoon we came back and I grabbed a couple extra things for the next couple days and basically we hopped back on the train to TOULON!! That was fun! Elder Nelson and I had a great exchange full of lots of fun. At the end we had an awesome miracle where we fixed a rdv with this guy who was walking by. We tried to fix plans with some of the amis that I was teaching when I was there, but they all fell through. So I guess next time it will happen. But then on Friday we stayed and had interviews and Zone Conference with president. President has been having this round of zone conferences in some of the cities that are not visited as much as so he did it in Toulon, so that was cool. We had really cool guest speaker named Brother Hyde. He was super great and gave such great little discourse. 

Then I got back to Nice that night and we drove back with the Burton Couple who came down from Clermont Ferrand so that was great to get to better know them since they are replacing the Brias. We then got to see Rolland on Saturday (and he came to church on SUNDAY!!) which was so great! He really opened up about a lot of problems that he has been going through. It was great to be able help him!

Well again out of time!

Love you
Elder Pettingill

Also, from a letter we received:  

I have been super excited to be in Nice. It is so pretty here and sunny.  There are so many tourists here so it is cool to be able to meet lots of Italians, Americans, Germans, and so forth. Another blessing of being in Nice is that we get to build up our capacity to avoid pornography!

It is pretty fun being with Elder Davis because he is a really good missionary and so he has been teaching me a lot. Something I realized about being ZL is that it does not make you some great missionary or make you live on some high level that is crazy impossible, but really I am still the same old Elder I was in Lyon and need to work on the same old attributes (love, service, faith, diligence, patience). It seems like just that we have couple different responsibilities that allow us to serve more. We try a lot to not really even mention that we are the ZLs but instead just be normal and love. 

You asked how I feel about French now that I am relatively fluent.  I think that early on I just grew to love French and that has really helped.  It is a really great language.  I really love France and I feel kind of spoiled to be here with all the wonderful things that are happening in this mission.