Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey! The church is true. (Katie-Angers)

What a week of ups and downs. Let me give you a quick update of Simone. She is amazing...absolutely incredible. I have met quite a few people truly prepared for the gospel, but she definitely makes it to the top of the list. She was able to come to church on Sunday, and she LOVED it. She loved it. She told us, "I have been to lots of churches, and yours is perfect. Peace, there is a peace here." Yes, Simone. Peace is right. And, because I got the wonderful opportunity to lead the music, I got to watch her face during the sacrament hymn...and I got to see the tears pouring down her face. What a miracle person. In a lesson the other day we were explaining about Joseph Smith and how he saw God the Father and His Son, and that the Godhead is God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, to which she asked this question:

"Wait...so what exactly is the Holy Ghost? You talk about it like it is a person...but I thought it was just God's love?"

So we explained to her who the Holy Ghost is and his role in our lives. And then all during church she would say things like, "Oh, yes, that feeling. Did you know that I learned that that is the Holy Ghost!" or "Hey, that's the Holy Ghost I'm feeling!" She is like a child learning this gospel, and it is beautiful to watch.

Wanna hear a story? It was seriously like a movie. So we're heading towards the tram to take it to the church for a split night with some members, and it was HOT. Then suddenly we see cars passing by us...and they are soaked. Like sopping wet. We just kind of look at each other, and then we look further down and see the rain POURING down probably 200 yards from where we were standing. It was weird. So we're standing there, holding our fingers up ready to press the button to open the tram door, getting ansy as we watch the rain come closer and closer...then giant rain drops start falling and the rain just drops right as we get on the tram. Whaaaaat. As we're on this tram, the doors open at every stop and there is this awful hail storm - the worst I've ever seen - is going on outside. And then it gets to our stop...so we decide to go for it. And after about 3 sprinting steps, we are completely drenched. Like DRENCHED. So we walked the rest of the way to the church...and then a member took us home to change. It was crazy.

Unfortunately, my lovely companion received a not so lovely cold from all of this...but besides that it was a well worth it experience. ;)

Anyway, just know that I know that the gospel is true. Keep up all of the great missionary work, and never forget how much Heavenly Father loves each of us. Thanks for all of the support, and keep praying for them miracles, cause they're coming! Have a fantastic week.

Gros bisous!
Soeur Pettingill

PS We also went to le Château d'Angers last monday, so here are some of those pics. And one of the evidence of God's existance shining through the clouds. :)
I'm on top the world, EH! Oh no wait, it's just a castle. #nbd

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