Monday, July 7, 2014

MIRACLES. yes,it's a thing. (Katie-Toul)

Hello everybody,

How's it going? Man, it feels like it's been awhile since I was last at this computer. NOT. /never. But, apparently an entire week has passed, so let me tell you about all of the incredible miracles we saw.

Slauco did indeed get baptized. And yesterday afternoon, he was asking us how much he is supposed to be reading in the BoM each day. We finally decided on a chapter a day. Then he looked at us and said, "But what if I want to read more?" Haha, whatever you want buddy. He's so great. He brought both his parents and two friends to his baptism on Sunday. Get this, we told them to be to the church at 9:15 (church starts at 9:30 here), and they were there chatting with a member of the Branch Presidency before WE even got there, meaning before 9:00. Silly humans :) But anyway, it was beautiful. He told us the day before that he was really nervous because he has a bad back, and bending backwards into water (which he also doesn't like), really scared him. But in the end, he did it. After him and Frère (Brother) Pagot got out of the water, I looked over at his see her crying. Just standing there, tears streaming down her face. I went over to her and asked her why she was crying (keep in mind that she actually only speaks Spanish and Romanian), and she just touched her hand to her heart and looked at me with the most piercing eyes. I (now keep in mind that I speak ZERO Spanish) then said, with a thumbs up, "bueno?" She kind of laughed a little, and then nodded a lot. We both smiled. :) It was a beautiful experience.

Something else neat about this Sunday...I will tell you. On a normal Sunday we have about 35 members at church. On a good Sunday that number gets up to about 40. This Sunday we had 51 members present at church. MIRACLE. 11 of them were our people. A man who was baptized 17 years ago in Nancy came with Loïc; he just happens to be the husband of Loïc's cousin. He told me afterwards that he missed this. He hasn't felt this good in a long, long time. And he's most definitely coming next week :) Also, Slauco's dad is a member. Cool, huh? He was baptized 10 years ago in Spain. He really loved the meetings too. I am seeing MIRACLES happen here!

And nope, even with all of these Spanish speaking amis, I don't know Spanish anymore than I did before. Haha, except! I can say the name of the church in Spanish. So that's a start I suppose! 

Speaking of miracles, guess where I'm being transferred. No, guess. No really. Guess. OKAY FINE. I'm going to the lovely ville of...Angers (not pronounced how you think -- "ahn-jay")!! This is cool because it is actually where Président and Soeur Poznanski are from originally, and so I will have the chance to work with them and their daughter who just came home from her mission. :) I feel so blessed to be able to go there, even though Soeur Johns is probably going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to the gare... I just love Toul a lot, okay.

Some other important things that happened this week: 

We were able to see the behind the scenes of my very favorite bakery of all time!! He just took us back. It's hot back there. 

A man sang and played us a song about a house in San Francisco. 

We met the cat of one of our members...the wife said as I noticed it, "C'est presque une vache!" (It's almost a cow!") I just about DIED laughing. I think I was the only one who thought it was funny, though.

I said goodbye to some of my very favorite people in the whole world...:/

I stood and stared in absolute AWE at this beautiful rainbow that came out right after a giant rain storm. 

So, sorry this is shorter than normal. Gotta go. But I love you (all of you)! Thank you for your prayers. They really, really work. 

Gros bisous!
Soeur Pettingill

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Guymons said...

Angers was william's favorite area and sis poznanski's parents were his favorite people! Hope Katie gets to meet them!!!