Well I am all settled in here in Nice and I am absolutely loving it! The weather here is so nice! (It is sunny but also there is a nice breeze coming around town that keeps things a little cooler than normal.) Nice is such a beautiful town and has a ton a statues! I think that maybe the south of the mission is just the best part to be in! 

Elder Davis is such a good companion and has taught me so much more than you can imagine! He is only in his 7th transfer but is already a darn good missionary! He has done just amazing preparation (it seems to me) for his mission. He speaks really good french which is great! He was valedictorian and has a full ride scholarship to BYU already (I know he probably would not want me to brag about him, but I will do it to you anyway.) He played tennis in high school and we went running 3 times this week along with a 1 mile run this morning that we are going to use in order to create a fitness plan for the transfer. We were really motivated when we found out that Elder Bria (who is over 70 yrs old) does 3 sets of 125 pushups every morning and can do 8-10 pullups. So we figure if he can do that then we should also at least match him! But anyway Elder Davis also apparently plays the piano very well but I have not been yet so blessed to hear that from him! He also can say 'Jesus loves you' in almost 10 languages (about). Although he may seem intense he also knows how to laugh and we have been getting more comfortable everyday!

As far as our investigators here in Nice, we have one really progressing ami Roland. He is absolutely crazy. Someone in his family is very very rich and they are out of town for a while so basically he lives in this super nice villa on a hill in Nice overlooking all of the Méditerranéenne ocean! He came to church this last week. Basically he is an ami that Elder Davis and his old companion found last transfer and they haven't been able to see him that much other than 2 other times where they had really good Rdvs and were able to also create some really good friendships with the members!

The ward here is absolutely amazing! There are tons of young adults and they have so many activities that help the young people stay nice and active! One young adult set up to play soccer twice a week which is super fun and we have had a less active coming to that with his non-member son who came to church and apparently loved it!! We are hoping to be able to bring him to baptism before the end of the transfer and also his younger brother who is not a member! Their names are Albon and Maël. Albon is super great and is just full of love! Another couple people with whom we are working include Edwin and Edvin! They are less-active and Edvin came to church on Sunday which was super cool! Elder Bria made him promise to come to church 6 weeks in a row and hopefully he keeps to it!

Also to mention the Brias, it is going to be sad to lose them to Corsica this weekend! They gave wonderful goodbye talks! It is fun because here in Nice all the members are all very, very rich but also a lot of them speak English and not French (which makes me laugh) and so the missionaries (usually us) get to use a microphone to translate for all of those members. They all have headsets! It is great french practice and very fun! 

Well I love you so much everyone!!

Elder Pettingill

Bastille Day Celebration with the Brias

At the Brias with Elder Davis 
With his trainer and his parents when he was traveling the mission
Previous District
With Katie's MTC companion