Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer Day (Jacob-Nice)

From Mom: We learned last week that Jacob is being tranferred to Nice (pronounced like niece) to be a Zone Leader. We learned today that his new companion was in Katie's district in the MTC.  Small world.  Katie is very excited, to say the least!
Jacob and Katie's MTC companion

Well its transfer day and I am not leaving for NICE until 4 pm so I have been hanging out doing tranfsers and a bunch of other different fun stuff like bringing missionaries to the gare (train station) and to the office and back. I also got to say goodbye to all the dying missionaries (including Elder Blythe who I gave a big hug). It has been long but very fun to see so many missionaries including Sister Pape (SR Pettingill's MTC companion) who ran up to me and announced who she was. So that was cool! I am super excited to get on the train though. 

This last week in Lyon was super great and we had our calls on Tuesday so I have been trying to prepare to go hit it hard in Nice since then. We had a great last district meeting. By the way, they are resplitting the district to Lyon and Clermont, so Elder Frost and Elder Marson will be the new district leaders. They are both also training which is going to be really good for Elder Frost because he is such a good missionary and he is going to grow so much with French and all that! But district meeting was super great and we had an awesome discussion together! We talked about personal conviction to the gospel and used Alma 5: 14, 26 and the base of that and then evalutated how to become more effective messangers of the gospel. I love the 4 questions given there and felt like I had prepared for myself. I feel like the way we can know that we are successful is by the deep abiding desire to participate in the gospel and all the aspects that are included and that as we daily look to have these feelings more deeply in our lives, the more we will be happy and content with our efforts.

The best part of the week was being able to do two baptismal interviews and then the baptisms on Saturday. It was really cool to be able to see the desire of 9 yr old Amand and 30 yrs old Arnaud to follow Christ. We had really good discussions and I love that! I felt like I was really the one who enjoyed the blessings of those experiences! Then on Saturday, there were 22 baptisms in the mission! We had 3 here in Lyon in the other wards and there are so many that will hopefully happen soon enough!!

The hardest part was that I got sick somehow and so had to lay in bed while Elder Frost did weekly planning on Saturday. I think it is just a cold but now I am feeling a lot better. Thank goodness I was being transferred so I had to pack everything up and was able to rest a little bit more. 

A really cool miracle that happened was when I was on an exchange with ELder Douglas in Clermont Ferrand. We were about to go inside around 20h45 (8:45 pm) and I was feeling pretty sick but we decided to just go out and have one more conversation and so we walked around the corner and talked to this super cool guy that is working over there! So we had a quick conversation and then fixed a time to meet him again and then went home! It was just another testimony that the Lord knows what he is doing and that as we trust Him and follow His commandments (even when we are sick and tired) he will bless us and make us strong. 

I am so excited to be able to go and have even more opportunities to serve. I know that the Lord is going to help me so much because I need it so much.  Je ressens plein d'amour pour mes collegues et tous les missionnaires ici.  (I feel full of love for my colleagues and all the missionaires here.) Je suis tellement reconnaissant pour ma mission. (I am so thankful for my mission.) Je sais que c'est tout pour lui que nous travaillons! (I know that is all for HIm that we work!) Alors soyons lui donc fidele. (So let's be faithful to Him!) Alors j'aime beaucoup être missionnaire!! (I love being a missionary!)
I love you all and hope you have an awesome transfer!

Elder Pettingill (caresse poisson) (cuddle fish)

New Nice missionaries

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