Elders at Bastille Day celebration
Well this week was full of amazing miracles and lots of train!  We had a nice intense Pday that was super awesome and we got to relax a little and at the end watched the fireworks which was super cool! They were not quite as great as the American fireworks (by the way the fireworks are for Bastille day July 14) and President said that we could stay out late and then sleep in. We watched the fireworks on the beaches of Nice which was super cool. Although the beaches are basically just tons of large stones so I dont know why anyone would want to go to them in the day! 

But then on Tuesday we had some really awesome lessons with less actives and Roland! We slept in surprisingly until about 9h30 (I thought I wouldn't be able to do it because at Christmas I wasn't able to sleep in at all).  Then we headed out and went to this super cool less active named Edwyn who is pretty sick and so that is keeping him from coming to church! We had a great lesson and then fixed plans to meet his friends for tomorrow having a picnic and then hopefully we will be able to teach him! That will be super cool!  

Then later we taught Roland and he accepted a baptismal date for August 9th! It was super awesome and he is so ready! We are praying so hard that he will be ready and will receive the answer that it is true! We saw him last night and it was great! He had a lot of questions about prayer because he is not very used to saying prayers and he didn't really understand the reason that we pray! So that was cool to see that he had those questions! But then later we saw another less active named Edvin who is super cool! He is normally from Albany but has been living here since 14 years! 

Then the travel hit. We hopped on a train on Wednesday for mission leadership council in Lyon and then got back in Nice Friday afternoon with just enough time to prepare for zone training and then went to Antibes for Zone Training on Saturday morning and then had a great weekend! 

Antibes panoramic view
One miracle was that while I was still in Lyon I had set the goal that I wanted to find one person that lived in Nice that I could teach and hopefully baptize in Nice. So we worked really hard but found nobody from Nice! But on Saturday the Lyon Zone leaders sent us a coordonees (referral) that had been contacted over a year ago and they had fixed a rdv for Saturday and they called to confirm and they found out that the person lived in NICE! So we got back from zone training and taught Francis our amazing new ami that has such strong faith in Christ! The lesson was amazing and we were walking up to his door to teach him and then this young adult from the ward just happened to be walking by and so joined us for the lesson!!!! Francis is so great and he is Catholic but really feels like there is something more out there!!!!!

I love the gospel and love Nice and France!
I love you so much!
Elder Pettingill

Elders at Zone Training 

View from the apartment