So you've got the news, and I was so sad to hear that I was going to leave Brive after so much time and love was put into that amazing ward! It was really sad to say goodbye and then to hop on the train.

Exchange with Elder Sanchez in Bergerac
My last week in Brive was well spent and I got to really get to know the train system. Tuesday I was able to learn so much from Elder Beyer on our exchange in Brive. Then Tuesday night we headed out and took the 3 hour train ride back to Bordeaux in order to sleep over there so Elder Martinez and I could come back at 7h00 the next morning to Perigueux where I met the Bergerac Elders. Then we headed back towards Bordeaux so we could then take a train towards Bergerac and then took the bus the next morning after the exchange to Perigueux then train to Brive for district meeting and then an exchange after in Perigueux. Then finally I made it back with Elder Martinez for calls and found out that I was leaving and then the days went soooooo slow and I just wanted to contact everyone in Brive and E. Martinez and I had a couple crazy miracles before leaving! We made a birthday brownie cake and then took pictures and saw all the best members and then voila we are now good. Now after the 13 hours of trains for excanges and the 10 hours of trains to get across the country from Brive to Lyon, I am happy to be in a city where all the exchanges I will need to do will be within walking distance!

Already I am overwhelmed with the incredible amount of transportation here and the amazing amount of people there are here! My companion Elder Frost is so great! He is funny blue and just great! I can tell that we are going to have an awesome time here! I had a hard time adjusting to the large increase of people but now I am there and feel like a bleu (new missionary) again runnning around Lyon trying to talk to as many people as possible! I love the gospel and I love being a missionary! It is amazing. We set some high goals and we are expecting miracles being in Lyon. Also I think we might be having a baptism is two weeks... Also our apartment has a toaster so I am excited to have yummy egg sandwhiches in the mornings!! 

The other Elders in my apartment are Elder Kunz and Elder Smith (he was my ZL both in Toulon and Bordeaux! and now Lyon!)

We are in Villeurbanne so I am in the secteur of the Office so if I want anything I can just hop on the metro and get there in 10 minutes! So sweet!

But I got to go and I will tell you about my week next week!