Monday, May 26, 2014

Ooh, stop, it's too real (Katie-Toul)

Hello everybody:

You know, someone very wise once told me that the closest you ever get to real life is on a mission. What the heck does that even mean? Well, I think I've started to figure it out.

Soeur Evans is going home this week. 

She is LEAVING the realness of missionary work, and that has helped me to really understand how real life is here because of how much it has to do with the eternal salvation of, well, everyone. I really saw this in the miracle we had on Sunday. Seven of my best friends came to church this week. :) My heart just felt so happy! Seven people whom I LOVE and whose friendships I cherish came and felt the spirit in a place that holds the true gospel of Jesus Christ. How cool is that? One couple, who we taught just the night before, are like our grandma and grandpa. They are the ones who threw me a birthday surprise ;) Sylvie told us that ever since we have been coming to see them, Louis (her husband) has been kinder and more patient. Louis of course denied all of this, but she was so sincere. And I know that that is the spirit.

Ah man, being a missionary is so cool! I don't have tons of time to tell you every cool miracle I saw this week, but just know that I love it. I love it. Oh did I say that already? 


Also, I will be having a lovely companion coming to join me here in Toul on Wednesday. Her name is Soeur Johns (different Soeur Johns, Mom ;) ). I've met her once for like two seconds, but I've heard wonderful things. I'm excited to start a new adventure for the next transfer or so! 

I love you all. You are the BEST. Thank you for your support and your love!

Soeur Pettingill
soirée familiale with tahitians in our branch
our district :)
ICE CREAM ! Or something.

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