Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 1 (Jacob-Lyon)

OK deja (already) it has been a crazy week and I am not really sure how it went by so fast! Remember how I said it was going by fast in Brive?!!! Well now I realize that it is actually going by fast!! It is crazy how that works!!

We were able to really have a great week! We got all settled in and fit in doing a couple other fun things to fill the time! We have Elder Smith and Elder Kunz (the Zone Leaders) in the apartment and it is fun having them! I have had so much fun already and love the apartment and city so much! The apartment is HUGE compared to Brive! We have lots of room and a nice kitchen! It holds two equipes (companionships) well and I have really enjoyed the space! We did take some good time to clean the apartment today to be able to finally relax and feel clean! It was great!

We were extrememly busy this week because the Zone Leaders had a bunch of stuff to do and they needed tons of help and all that! It was crazy! Also we had Blues conference for Elder Frost (blues are what they call new missionaries and they have an all day conference just after each transfer for their first two transfers) so that was fun to have him see all the Elders his age! Elder Frost is so awesome! He is willing to run so we went running twice this week and the other days we went and played basketball in the court right by our house! SO great! I love President!

I love you all!!

Elder Pettingill

There is a Young Adult Center in Lyon.  Every 3 months they have a fireside for all the missionaries and their amis.  Here are some pictures from the fireside that we received today:

birthday celebration in Brive before the transfer

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