Monday, May 19, 2014

District Meeting and frog legs (Jacob-Brive)

Dear Family,

This week was great! We had lots of fun and learned soo much! We started off by having a wonderful family night with the Family Meloen. It was weird because it was at the church but in anycase I loved it a lot because their family reminds me of ours. Large and full of personality. 

Then Tuesday we made our way down to Sarlat with Thomas Allal and had a great morning with the O'Mullans (who are actually the biggest family coming in at 10 children). IT was great because Thomas, who just got back from Utah, got to practice listening to an Irish accent which is a little harder than the Utah accent. He had a hard time when Fr. O'Mullan said some words like Meshnries (missionaries).

Later that night we saw Thierry and watch How Rare a Possesion with him and found out that he had started praying! He had tried it twice and said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. Tomorrow we are going to talk about a baptismal date. We also saw Eric and he accepted the Word of Wisdom and fixed a baptismal date for July 5th! We are going to work for that and we are hoping that he will be a good influence on Alain (which the Lord knew that Alain needed). 

Wednesday I got to do an awesome exchange with Elder Johnson who came from Lyon (the second or third biggest cities in France to Bergerac the 2nd or 3rd smallest city. ;) Well close to that. It was really good! Then we had district meeting in Brive which was super good. Then everyone left and Elder Fletcher stayed here in Brive and we did an exchange. We also had that night a combined birthday party for an Ami and me so that was super great! 

Friday we had a great English class (we played Jeopardy). 

Satuday was a great day! We went to samedi sportif (Saturday sports) and played soccer! Then ate some lunch and off we went to do some service for a member in Uzerche. That was super great and then that night we had an awesome Curry dinner with Thierry and the Dremeaux family! That was super fun! 

Then yesterday was an awesome Sunday! We had Thierry, Alain and Eric there! They are all doing well; Alain has fallen back into smoking alot and really needs prayers right now so if you think about him.

Something that I really learned this week was that prayer is hard to do right. It really should take lots of effort and not necessarily long time but that as we push our thought towards others and their needs our love grows and our prayers are more meaningful! Also I learned so many great things about how to improve our personal studies of the scriptures in Chapter 2 of PMG this week! 

Love you!!
Elder Pettingill

Also, a couple of things from emailing back and forth today:

I am doing really well! Thanks so much for the presents! We have all been enjoying the whoopie cushions that Chrissy sent and it is good that she sent so many because apparently they break somewhat easily after extreme usage! Also, the frog legs are from today at Tan Phat. My time is up! I will tell you about it next time!! 

Opening his birthday presents
Whoopie cushions!

Frog legs on pday

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