Well this week was really good but I think that the quote that can define how I felt when Olivia decided not to get baptized was "One of the HAPPIEST moments ever is when you feel the courage to let go of what you cannot change." (The funny thing about that quote is that I got while the mission nurse was talking to us about the things that we can change like personal hygiene, etc). In any case Olivia said she will see for later and wants to see the missionaries in the US, so we exchanged emails so that when she gets over there I can get her contact info and then WHOOP the missionaries will just happen to knock her door.

Elder Hunt and Elder Pettingill--good friends
Something fun we did this week was again Saturday sports. I really loved getting out and running around. I have been dying because nobody will run with me (and there is only a certain amount of pushing and dragging and water pouring that you can do to help others get up and run around aimlessly at 6h30 in the morning) but being able to get out and just run my heart out and play some soccer was really awesome!

We also had an awesome Saturday full of lots of adventures. A member in the ward took us out to eat to celebrate Elder Kiser's birthday so that was super fun! 

So that was super awesome!!!
I love you all,
Elder Pettingill

P.S. Thanks for the packages!