Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 2 Transfer 12 (Jacob-Nice)

Well this week went a little slower. We had an amazing lesson with Angelique who is progressing extremely well! She is always with Elton (the member) and so I think that is really what is making the difference! She brought her little sister to the lesson on Wednesday so that was super to be able to teach her. The best part was when Angelique essentially testified of how the restoration had helped her already! Kelly loved it and was super excited to have her own copy of the Book of Mormon! She is 15 and super excited! We will be seeing her on Wednesday (because here they get out of high school early so that is great!) Also I was talking to Elton and he said that their mom is super encouraging that they meet with us!! We fixed a baptismal date for Angelique for the 20 Dec because she has to change her hours for work (she put the letter in already but needs to wait for the change) so after that she can come to church and then be baptised. I am pretty worried that I will be transferred but I know that it is not my baptism at all. Its Angelique's, so I am just so grateful to have been able to see how Elton was able to be such an incredible member missionary! I love the gospel! I want to be a member missionary like him.

Other than that, we had a really cool miracle where we had 4 lessons planned for Sunday and were very excited because they were all super cool people ready for the gospel. Then what happened is that Sunday morning, one by one, all of them seemed to disappear! It was crazy because one after another cancelled after trying to confirm with each of them! So essentially we went to our back up plans and also started to make some other calls; and in the end I was able to get a hold of an ami that was previously on the phone and we went to teach her last night at 6. It was a super great lesson and she is super cool. She had actually been taught in 2011 and since then had attended many other churches and had even been a part of many church choirs. Well after a long period of preparation, she finally was ready for us. We taught her the restoration and set some expectations. The coolest part was that about a month ago she was thinking about how she could find better help to feel more peace and overcome some of the hard trials that were appearing in her life. She for some weird reason thought of Elizabeth Smart and how happy she seems now and how her family had helped so much! It was kind of awkward for Elder Smart at first because she was saying all this emphasizing that Elizabeth Smart was Mormon, but then she finished and Matt the member with whom we were teaching noticed that Elder Smart's last name is Smart and voila. (Elder Smart is Elizabeth Smart's younger brother).

Well this week is going to be awesome!

I love you! 

Elder Pettingill
Mission Council
Nice District before transfers

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