Monday, November 10, 2014

Opposition at its finest, yet God still wins (Katie-Angers)

So I've decided to learn spanish.


I mean, why not? I'll be in a district with 6 spanish-speaking Elders, might as well take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, no? So here goes.

Hola tout le monde (everyone) !

Haha that looks really weird. Anyway, I have been asked to serve as a Sister Training Leader in a different country. No, I'm not even kidding. On Wednesday nice and early, I will have the opportunity to meet my new collègue (companion) up in Paris, and we will head off to good ole Brussels, in Belgium! It still doesn't really feel real. But it is. I have an address and everything. I'm so humbled and excited to be able to do even more for the Lord.

But as far as this week goes, my heart broke a little each time we saw a person I knew that I wouldn't be able to see before I leave this week. It's just so SAD, and I don't like it. But we got to see plenty of members and amis and humans that I just love. On Friday, however, was when we got the breaking news...

Mimi didn't get baptized this weekend. Let me just tell you, we have seen a lot of opposition against her baptism, but this weekend was far worse than anything I've ever seen before as far as opposition goes. She FINALLY got the rendezvous (appointment) she's been waiting for with a judge in order to get her kids back, which is such a blessing, but it also means that this weekend (without even giving her the choice) she was obligated to go away, out of Angers, to sleep with her kids and a social assistant as a test for 3 days. And she wasn't able to leave the apartment. She even told them that she had something very important on Sunday, and asked if they could just do the test next weekend, but they said no. My heart broke as she hysterically tried to explain everything to me on the phone and how she tried to change but couldn't. The spirit calmed me down so much, however, and we decided to change her baptism date to next Sunday. 

So yes, she is still getting baptized. And Ciwane, her little brother, came to church with us yesterday and stayed for the baptism and everything (it was a ward baptism)! I'm happy for her and I just feel so good about the whole thing. How's that for fighting back??

We also had the opportunity to go to Saumur and celebrate Emma's (amie) and FeiFei's (member) birthdays! It was absolutely beautiful. There's a castle there, but I only got half of it in the picture because the other half was under construction. But it is one of the most beautiful towns, and I felt very special and blessed to have just been able to see it! Plus, Asians are cool :)

Keep up the fantastic work, and keep on fighting back.

Con amor,
Soeur Katie Pettingill
final district photo, transfer 10
The castle in Saumur
Us in Saumur

Pozs and the goodbyes :(

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