Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 1 Transfer 12 (Jacob-Nice)

Well this week has been incredible. It was sad to say goodbye to Elder Davis but it is really awesome to work with Elder Smart. We both have a similar style of work so we push each other very well. We have had so many miracles this week. On Tuesday Elton a JA (young adult) in the ward called us and asked if we could be at the church the next day to teach one of his friends. We showed up the next day and taught Angelique! She is super elect! Elton had already taught her most of the restoration and she was working on getting her work hours changed so that she could come to church. So great. We fixed a baptismal date for the 20 december. We asked her for coordonees (referrals) and she told us that her sister really wants to meet us. We will be seeing both of them this Wednesday and reteaching the retab (abbreviated french word for the Restoration).

Another miracle. Last night we were walking out of the apartment and we contact this man, started a good conversation and started talking about his mother who is sick. He then just said that it was interesting that we should meet tonight because ,although he was not believing, he had just come from praying (specifically for his mother) for the first time in 15 years. He then explained the very personal and calming feelings that he had felt after praying and then we met 15 minutes later. At the end of the conversation after explaining some of the 10 points and prayer, He asked us if the prayer that he had offered earlier would function and if it would help his mother. It was amazing the sincerity and testimony of an atheist man that built my testimony so much of the love our Heavenly Father has for us and if we are truly sincere, He will help us.

Other than that this week went by very quickly! We had some fun contacting in the rain this week because it has been pretty wet here. But usually it is sunny for a couple days and then rainy for a couple...

We are headed up to Lyon today for leadership council so I will see Elder Davis tomorrow. I hope I stay in Nice for Christmas. Elder Smart is super awesome! We get along really well. He is very great! As far as staying together, Nice is so awesome and I really like it here. This transfer is already almost done because it is only 4 weeks so if I go then that would be sad.

Im any case, I love you so much!

Love, Elder Pettingill
Goodbye Elder Davis!

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