Monday, July 1, 2013

First letter!!!

First letter from Jacob today was a short questionnaire I gave him to answer.  Jacob told me he would wait for us to write first.  So I gave him some questions to answer that I knew we would want to know. I had heard he would get time to write briefly the first night he was there. I will put my questions and comments in regular type and Jacob's answers in italics.

Questions I am dying to know the answers to:

1.  What did you think of flying on an airplane (this was Jacob's first time flying since he was very young)?  I had a lot of fun on the flight! It was a nice warm up flight and I enjoyed most of it. One of the seats next to me was empty so I got lots of leg room.

2.  Have you met Soeur Bennion? (sister of a good friend) Yes! She is in my district! We have 4 elders and 5 sisters in the district.

3.  Did you see Ben? (best friend who is also in the MTC right now) Yes! I saw him walking with his district. Super exciting! We do not have the same P-day.  Mine is on Monday.

4. Who is your companion and where is he from? My companion is Elder Nelson and he is from Gilbert, Arizona. He is 18! He is going to the Paris Mission and I love him already!

5.  Have you seen anyone else you know?  I have only seen Dylan.  Oh and Matthew Milletts who I met at college.

6.  What do you think of the MTC so far???  The MTC is awesome!  I love it already and love French so much! It is awesome to have so many excited people around! The Spirit is so strong and the people are so nice!

7.  What is the name of your district?  How many people are in it?  I have no idea and 9.  But I met a girl missionary name Soeur Everett that is leaving in two weeks and she got here today.  

We love you!!! Thank you for being so wonderful and for serving a mission.  We are so very proud of you!!!

Love, Mom

P.S.  I am loving it here and will probably fly to San Fran next Tuesday or so.


Celeste said...

Magnifique! Est-ce que vous allez essayer a voir Jacob en route lorsqu'il prendra son vol de San Francisco?

Khristine Pettingill said...

J'aurais bien aime aller a SF pour lui voir mais nous sommes allees au sud de la Californie pour la semaine. Josh et Daniel attendent le EFY a Santa Barbara. C'est pour le meilleur peut-etre que je ne peux pas y aller car je ne veux pas dire au revoir de nouveau! Mais tu peux y aller...; )

Jeanette Keables said...

Very fun! He sounds great!