Monday, July 8, 2013

MTC Week 2

Hello Family!!!!

It was so awesome hearing from you and it is awesome to hear all the fun adventures you're having without me!! I can understand how Joshua is feeling about the ties except my feelings are more about wearing the same ties over and over ;) I bet if Joshua keeps building up his stash he will get there :) I'm sorry about the weather because it has been super nice here and we even got some rain the other day! It was so awesome how you enjoy some of those little things like rain when you haven't had it for a while! As far as the 4th of July.. It was soooo amazing!!! We had a special devotional at night and sung patriot hymns for a while! It was so energizing and motivating to be able to sing those hymns and it definitely brought the spirit into the room!! We heard some speakers and then got to watch 17 miracles!! It was so awesome and it didn't end until 10:15!!!! After the movie, we got to watch the Stadium of Fire outside the MTC until 10:45!! It was awesome and they didn't even give us a curfew so our district was up until 11:30 or so! The only problem was that we then still got to wake up at 6:30.... Haha so that, along with San Fransisco really has helped me sleep to the fullest!! As far as Katie goes!! Don't buy a bag here! They only have a couple even though they have moved toward shoulder bags for every mission!! A lot of the Soeurs in my district just carry around a purse or a couple have purchased bags elsewhere. One of the teachers said that you can find one in France easily for super cheap and although it is sometimes hard to not be able to just have everything right now it is really not too bad. But yeah we have an orange book with all the french gospel phrases that you would ever need and a yellow french english dictionary and I also bought a 333 verbs book from the store because they don't give it to you. If anything just learn to testify and pray in French and start working on that and you will be fine! And maybe some Church vocab like Sauveur or temoignage :). I'm sure her french is probably better than mine still, especially since you've got the accent down. Thanks you so much Adam for your fast and I think it is working! I am definitely learning faster than I ever could by myself.

To answer Mom's other questions, I have seen Ben more and more each day it is awesome. I have been wanting to just go play sports or something to really be able to see him and talk but it hasn't happened yet and I just feel blessed to see him as often as I do. He leaves next Monday which is so crazy! I feel like time goes by sooooooo fast, but yet so slow at the same time. Also, yes the Provo temple is closed and, no, we do not get to go at all which is disappointing. The nice thing is that we have 3 extra hours every P-day to prepare and what not so I guess that is the bright side. And last, the food is very good!! It is obviously not as good as Mom's cooking but I feel like for a cafeteria it is very good! We have the earliest shift so we eat at 6:30, 11:00, and 4:00 so we are always starving at night by the time we go to bed! 

Also have you heard anything about using Ipads and other technology in the mission field? well it is going to happen within the next year or so which is cool. And my companion and I got called to be Sacrament Coordinators, which I forgot to mention last week, and we blessed the sacrament which is hard because sometimes if you pronounce something even close to wrong it could be another word like mort and amour which are actually really close to each other but one means death and the other means love....

The MTC is absolutely amazing and it is so true that the spirit is so strong here. My testimony has grown so much in just the last two weeks as I have consistently studied and prayed, even in French. We had Fast Sunday yesterday and the testimonies were all in French. It is amazing to see how the spirit is the same no matter the language!! Sundays are amazing and really boost you spiritually!! We got to watch the Joseph Smith movie yesterday and it was just so awesome and made me soo excited to be in the field!! We had a devotional as well and just was so amazing!! During the devotional they showed a video and there were a couple with Borris, Tucker family right?, in it!!! It was awesome to see my companions face when I leaned over and said "I'm related to him!" It was awesome! As far as French is coming is that it is coming. I have started to have problems spelling English words and have spelled Spirit, Esprit more times than I can count!!! We just got done teaching our first investigator and it went ok! After we were done teaching my teacher basically said that this one wasn't meant to go perfectly, especially since they hadn't taught us any real teaching techniques... Haha yeah her name was Solange and she didn't want to get baptized..... but it was still an amazing experience!!! The real shocker was that ( and I don't mind sharing this because Katie will probably be speaking English in the MTC so this won't be as exciting for her) Solange was actually our second teacher!!!! We seriously were so excited when we found out and it was so awesome to know that we didn't ruin her eternal salvation ;) She was such a good actor and is an even better teacher :) When we finally met her she refused to speak English in front of us and it was so frustrating because we just wanted her to speak in english!!! She finally did and it was awesome.

Alors... je vous aime!!!

A la prochaine!!
Elder Pettingill


Jeanette Keables said...

It's so fun to hear how well he's doing! His letters are very enthusiastic, which is wonderful :)

Khristine Pettingill said...

Yes, we laughed because we think there are only one or two sentences without exclamation points. Haha! This from our boy who is so non-emotional about things, at least around us. : )