Monday, July 22, 2013

Surprise Photo on Facebook

Last Thursday, this photo was tagged with the name Jacob Pettingill on Facebook.  This is a picture of my niece's best friend Jasmyn just before entering the MTC to go to Brazil. You can see Elder Pettingill waiting in the background. What a fun surprise!! We were so curious to hear about how he got to be a host so soon (usually you have to wait until the week before you leave for your mission.) Here is his response to my email telling him how excited we were to see him and asking how he got to be a host with so much time left in the MTC.

Haha this is a very funny story and that is awesome that you saw that picture! Basically all you have to do to be a host is to go to the room where they hand out stickers and give a little meeting before hand. Technically you need to be invited but our zone leaders said they just went like two weeks early and it was fine. We were just so excited that we didn't want to wait so we did it because it worked perfectly because we didn't  have any class during that time. And yes we did recognize each other and it was funny because I went to go help with their bags and she turned around and we both were like "wait..." Good times. But no I couldn't escort her because Elders escort Elders and Sisters escort sisters :)
Elder Pettingill 

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