Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Sister writes about Elder Pettingill in her letter home

One of the Soeurs from the group that went to San Francisco wrote about Jacob in her letter to her family.  We came across the dad and mom on Facebook and they told us about the letter. Here is what Soeur Everett wrote:

"Ok so let me talk about my trip to San Francisco! On Monday I had to get up at 2 am and meet my temporary French district! [Photo Above] I thought there was no way in the world that any district could be better than mine, and then I realized that some can be just as good! This district is INCREDIBLE. They're all going to my same mission except for one Elder, so it was great to be able to meet them all and get close to them! On the way to the airport I sat by Sister Bragg (Sister Hodges I think this is the sister you were telling me to look out for?). She is the sweetest girl EVER!!! I'm so glad that I had such a fun district to be with all day because we were travelling a ton and it would have been miserable without them. When we finally got into the city we decided to stop for breakfast since none of us had eaten all day. We went to this little bakery on the corner (don't remember what it was called) but we thought we were so adorable for going to a French bakery when we're going to France... And me and Elder Pettingill both got the "Paris" breakfast sandwich. Hilarious, I know. But this part of the day was probably the highlight because the food was soooo good!! After eating breakfast we all headed over to the French Consulate. As we waited in line to get our visas, Elder Pettingill set the example and started handing out pass-along cards!! We were all just staring in awe as he connected with every single person he talked to. So he handed me a pass along card and told me to give it to the lady helping me with my visa. I was actually a little surprised when she took it! But it also seemed like she got pass-along cards all the time from French missionaries coming through. But hey, as a district we passed out 7 pass-along cards and 1 Book of Mormon while we were on our trip! I'd say that's pretty good! We were all so tired and delirious by the time we got back to the MTC campus that the rest of that day is still a complete blur. The Elders made sure to remind us that staying awake for 18 hours straight is the equivalent of being drunk. Drunk missionaries--super ironic."

Also, Katie's leaving date has changed. Katie has been moved into the advanced French language group, which means she will now leave September 4 and head to France only two weeks later.  She will not speak any French in the MTC but will train in an English-speaking district.  Katie is feeling scared yet trusting.

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