Monday, July 22, 2013

MTC Week 4 Happy as usual and making great progress!

It is so awesome to hear about scout camp and make me remember some of the good times! I am glad you found something comfy to sleep on and that everything seemed to be going smoothly!

I am glad Adam was pumped to get so many beads and merit badges! It seems like, as with everything, you lose energy as time goes on (except when you are serving the Lord!) so it is good that he is starting with lots and lots so hopefully he can finish strong even on his fourth year!

As far as this week it has gone by so fast! I can't even believe where all the time is going when even though the days seem like they will never end. We have been starting to be really successful as a companionship and Elder Nelson really brings a lot to our lessons. We have a baptismal date our investigator Jean and are still working with Milenka to help the Gospel really apply to her life. We taught her the Plan de Salut (Plan of Salvation) this week and I think she really felt it. One thing that I have really learned is the importance of the Book of Mormon! It is seriously the answer to every question and has exactly what we need in order to come closer to Christ! It is amazing the Book of Mormon's ability to solve any problem that a non-member has and I have really grown in my testimony of that principle!

Elder Nelson and I were able to escort new missionaries this week and it is so awesome because it just brings such an excitement into your day and week that you cannot explain!  Also yesterday (Dimanche)(Sunday) the MTC showed Characters of Christ by Elder Bednar in the gym of the MTC!!! I was so excited because a couple weeks ago I put in a suggestion for them to do that because it was the video that everyone wanted to see every week and they had only been showing it in a small room! I saw it last week but I felt so happy that now so many people could see it and get some amazing perspective and Christ's life.

This week I also got a Dear John letter from a girl named Elizabeth, who was in my FHE group. It was so awesome because I had asked her and some others to do that and she did it!! When I opened it up at night I decided to have some fun and told my district and other district in my zone that I just got dear johned and they all were so nice and gave me hugs to help me feel better and what not, I told them that night that it was fake and we all laughed together :)

French is coming along very nicely and like I mentioned Elder Nelson is starting to really grow in his French!! I love how much you can grow when the spirit is helping you. I also had an amazing experience where i was sitting in our classroom and everyone was just working so hard to learn more and it hit me that if you were to put any group of non-LDS kids there is no way they would have the motivation to feel the way we do or struggle like this and have everyone work just as hard. I love the amzing spirit and blessing that we are blessed with and how when we pray for diligence with a desire for it. It will come maybe even without us seeing its effects immediately.

I am just loving the MTC and think it is so amazing and am learning so much! I have really trying to not plateau and get comfortable with my French and with my testimony which has been a huge blessing. I could possible get my travel plans for France this JEUDI (THURSDAY)!!! Which is also super exciting! We have also been really trying to be exactly obedient, which is so hard because we are not perfect and always focus on one thing just to turn around and realize that there is one more thing to improve! I think that is pretty much how life is though!

Je sais que l'Evangile de Jesus-Christ est vrai. C'est le chemin a retourner a notre pere celeste et avoir bonheur. Je sais que Le Livre de Mormon vrai et est la parole de Dieu!!! Essayez le lire chaque jour et il benirait vos vie! Je vous aime et j'espere que vous etes bien!  (I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  It is the way to return to our Heavenly Father and to have happiness.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and is the word of God!!! Try to read it each day and it will bless your life!  I love you and I hope that you are doing well!)

Bon courage!

Elder Pettingill

Me and Calvin are in the same building for class so we see each other all the time :)

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