Monday, September 29, 2014

Round 2 (Katie-Angers)

So this is going to be a little bit of a repeat of last week's email, except completely different. So hold on tight.

There were lots of beautiful things that happened this week. One of which being our trip to Paris! YAY MY BABY IS LEGAL. I'm so proud. The best part, though, was that while she went and did that kind of stuff, I got to go on splits with Soeur Francis. The best part about this is that Soeur Francis and I have always wanted to serve voilà quoi! She is currently training in Mulhouse, so we've got a special connection :) Anyway, during soeur Farmer's legality, we got to go contacting around Paris. We had about 4 hours, and boy did we take advantage of those 4 hours. My favorite part was meeting this adorable older couple about to leave on their 3rd mission. They reminded me so much of Grandma and Grandpa Pettingill, it made me so happy :) On the way back, we even got to sleep over with the Le Mans soeurs! Unfortunately there was a suicide on the tracks, and all of the trains were delayed longer than we had time for. It all made for a very interesting trip to the City of Love.

However, there were other even MORE beautiful things that happened. For example, multiple lessons with our new amie, Mimi, who is absolutely loving the gospel so far, and needs it so badly. This was her second week in a row coming to church. She's reading the Book of Mormon. She's praying. I'm seeing her eyes change, slowly but surely. Pray that she will continue to have these spiritual experiences that she so needs! 

We are also teaching Emma, our chinese amie who only speaks English (and chinese, but I don't speak chinese). She is loving the Book of Mormon so far, but we also had a very special lesson with her this week. We decided to go back and focus more on her relationship with God and prayer. At the end of the lesson (in's harder than I remember), we invited her to say the closing prayer. The prayer that she said touched my heart so deeply. It was the first prayer she has ever said in her entire life, and it was so sincere, so incredibly beautiful. The fact that Heavenly Father allowed me to experience that brings me to tears. The spirit was so strong, and the gospel is so true. It's so true, guys.

Just some updates on some of our amis that I have already told you about:
-We saw Teng a few days ago, and she is so prepared for the gospel :)
-We passed by Nadia a couple of days ago, and will be able to see her next week! 
-Simone is currently super sick with some gastro thing, and can't see us for a while :/

I love you all! Passez une super bonne semaine!

Soeur Katie Pettingill

ice cream under the tour eiffel. #nbd
on the way back the morning after sleeping in Le Mans and wearing the same clothes...somebody was a little tired ;) (shhhh she doesn't know I took this yet!)

at this super cool hike we went on last week
it went up to a cross. self timers are the best
our district! the chairs are our number of transfers, if you didn't catch that

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