Monday, September 29, 2014

Transfer Day (Jacob-Nice)

I am staying with Elder Davis for a 3rd!! Super exciting! Everything is going really well, we have been having so many miracle this weekend!! I am so grateful to be with Elder Davis again because it just seems like I still have a lot to learn from him! Luckily I am still in Nice too because two of the sisters in Nice went to Grenoble and Dijon, which are the two of the colder places in the mission!

One really amazing experience was on Saturday we went to a smaller ville named Falicon that is absolutely beautiful and very french (like Brive). It is on a hill and has a great view (I recommend looking it up). We went up and ported for a couple hours looking to find families who were interested. So we headed up and basically had a huge success. We found a lot of people that were really happy to talk to us but were not quite ready to be taught (various reasons). It was kind of sad because we were meeting these great people that had great beliefs but right at the end of the conversation we would ask if we could come back and they would say no. So we are walking to the bottom of the road that we are porting and at the end we see this house, very nice and new with a nice pool on the side. So we knock and then, after lots of the hustle of family life, we are standing talking to the dad of the family who came out after the kids looked for him. Basically, we sat and talked for a very good while and he had amazing responses to some of the questions we asked. In the end he in believing, a docter of enrhuemetology (french translation) and they just moved in about a year ago. The conversation went extremely well just like the others, but this time, he was ready and he went and got a piece of paper to give us his number. We left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon and a Restoration brochure (in English because we didn't have any in French and apparently he speaks English as well) and set up a time to call to come back. So we will be calling him this afternoon and hopefully be teaching a FRENCH FAMILY of 4.

Love you all,

Elder Pettingill

Here's a video he sent of the Elders on pday a few weeks ago.  Sorry it is to the side at first. 

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