Monday, September 22, 2014

Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who has created these things (Katie-Angers)

Hey everyone and their cats,

I'm going to start with that same old line that I'm pretty sure I say in every single email ever. I KNOW THAT GOD IS REAL. Okay, there; it's said. And it's true. I see my Heavenly Father giving me personalized tender mercies every single day that strengthen me and support me. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. 

We've actually met so many neat people this week, but something that has really stuck out to me was an email I got from this cute chinese girl named Teng (pronounced, TONG). In case you didn't know this about Angers, it has some of the best universities in France; therefore, there are a lot of students that we contact on a daily basis (french and other). Sometimes these "other" ethnicity students don't yet have a french phone number, so instead, they give us their email. I then email each of them the next day and then check it a couple of days later to see if they had responded. On Friday we got caught in a rainstorm (tell me something new) and decided to go to the church vite fait to finish something on the computer for Soeur Farmer's 12-week thing. Then the spirit was like, Hey, check your email. I then proceeded to tell the spirit, But I just checked it like two days ago! And no one has responded! And it's already been almost 2 weeks since I sent it! LESSON LEARNED: don't argue with the Spirit of God. So I stopped arguing and just listened. Here is what I found waiting for me...

"Bonsoir! (Good evening)
Je regrette de respondre tard,(I'm sorry to be late to respond.) J'ai just vu ce mail (I just saw this mail.) ,je me souviens de vous. (I remember you.) En fait,j‘ai deja connu Jésus il y a 6 ans (In fact, I came to know Jesus sixe years ago),parce que il y a beaucoup de personnes qui est chretien (because there are a lot of people who are Christian),ma seour,mes grand-parents (my sister, my grandparents) souvent disais des prières (I often say prayers),mais je souvent sentir n‘approche pas Jésus (but I often feel not approach Jesus)je voudrais trouver quelqu’un qui peut m‘aider comment faire. (I would like to find someone who can help me to do this.)

bonne soiree! (Good evening)

I've never been so touched. The spirit spoke to my heart, and I felt a love grow for this girl instantly and just tell her, This is actually my call as a missionary. Invite others to come unto Christ. We're seeing her later today.

We also went to Paris this week for Soeur Farmer's legality...................EXCEPT IT WAS THE WRONG DAY. The email to Soeur Farmer wasn't very clear. And unfortunately they couldn't get us in because they didn't have any of her paperwork, so we turned around and took the 2 hour train ride back to Angers. So I get to go to Paris for the 4th time this Thursday and get my baby legal in this country of ours. 

Luckily, I have a strong testimony of Ether 12:27. Heavenly Father made our weak thing become strong by letting us touch the heart of a man named Christian, who sat across from us on the train back. He had known an LDS girl 24 years ago, and we were apparently a sign from God that He loves him. He called us protective angels, and then gave us a picture of Jesus. We had a very edifying conversation together, and I will be forever grateful for that train ride home.

I love being a missionary. I love seeing God create miracles right before my eyes. And if you just look a little clearer, notice a little more, you'll find that He's doing it for you too. He's just a good dad. :)

Gros bisous!
Soeur Katie Pettingill
sunrise anyone? #ilovebeautifulthings
at our layover in Le Mans
celebrating my 6 months to sexy with a paris religieuse! Fitting, no?

getting soaked...again......

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