Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 2 (Jacob-Lyon)

Well it has been a crazy week filled (literally) with miracles and blessings from on high! It is crazy because here in Lyon there are literally a million people just living in centreville... So that means that the chances of us talking to all of them is IMPOSSIBLE. But it also means that there are so many people waiting for the Gospel and it takes inspiration to be in the right spot in order to talk to the right person and all that!

To answer your questions... 1) This week was so good!! We had our two baptismal engages move and voila so we're left with one progressing ami which meant lots of good finding! We have been calling a bunch of people and talking to a bunch of people in order to try and find some people who could be taught and then baptized. We have been doing a lot of passing of old amis and lots of less active work going from house to house trying to find a bunch of lost sheep. Every day we do the first 12 weeks training which is super good and has really helped me look at the basics of where I need to improve! Then we also have been doing an hour of language study for Elder Frost ( although he speaks really good french already and I dont think I have to teach him at all! ) We also had zone training and it was super awesome! We talked all about how we are going to prepare to be able to greet Elder Andersen and how we can get the most out of it! We read out of 3rd Nephi!

2)We have been able to get a lot more work done this week because the ZLs dont need as much! Although they have been doing millions of chores for everyone and they have not been able to do much work so that is too bad!

3) Our first district meeting will be June 26 (my year mark!!) in Clermont Ferrand ( I found out that they actually added the Clermont Elders and Sisters to my district starting this transfer so actually we have 6 elders and 4 Sisters) and then July 2nd or 3rd here in Lyon. 

4) ON Monday we will have the morning to do groceries to get a couple little things done! Then we will hop on a bus for 7 hours (passing by Aix-en-Provence) and arrive in Nice around 9 oclock; Then we have the conference with Elder Andersen the next morning and then do the same thing again right after 7 hours back to Lyon. I just feel bad for all the other elders in Bordeaux and on that side! They are going to leave around 10 I think.

5) We got lots of running this week! One day we woke up at 6 and played soccer as an apartment. That was super tireing but so great!!! 

We now have two amis that are doing really well and will hopefully get baptised the 5 July (we fixed the day); Rubin and Peng! They are both super cool! Rubin we met this morning for the first time! He is literally golden and is so great! We taught him and then went and played soccer for samedi sportif (Saturday sports) together and Peng is Asian and super awesome! He just needs to come to church and then he will be ready! He already has a super strong testimony of PRAYER!

I love the gospel! 
Love you all!!!!

Elder Pettingill (the older)  

If you want to see pictues of what it is like to serve a mission in the beautiful south of France, click here.  Jacob's mission President asked each of the companionships to send in a picture working in their different areas all over the mission. It's amazing! Zoom in to see the pictures bigger.

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