Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 4 (Jacob-Lyon)

Well first of all I just want to say how lame I am... I have like 5 letters all written and basically ready to go that I wrote about 3 weeks ago and added to last week and I haven't sent them! I feel like it pday just flies so fast and then the week flies by even faster and then at the end I haven't gotten anything that needed to get done accomplished!! But this week I will promise to get them out so people get responded to!! I thought pdays went by fast in small villes but it goes by 10000 times faster here! I don't even know what to do it is so fast! 

I honestly cannot give you a run down of our days because even looking at my planner tells me that it was absolutely crazy and I don't know what happened!! So intense!!! We had one day where we went and did service and it was super awesome! Basically we pulled out hundreds of thissel like plants and they stung our arms and legs super hard! That was super fun!

We had several miracles happen this week! We did some planning on Friday and had lots of fun setting goals and we decided that we wanted to have a baptism this week on the 27th.  So we planned that out and just got super excited because we knew that if we put in our part and worked, not doubting, the Lord would provide! So we went out and not really knowing how it would work but just went through our day and we contact this really cool lady who's mom was a member of the church and died a long time ago.  It was going pretty well and then basically this other lady comes up during our conversation and basically ruins the contact and says hey!  So kind of awkwardly the lady we were talking with leaves and we start talking to this other lady who is actually American.  She announces to us that she has been trying to get in contact with us for the last 2 months because she has this big long list of things she needed to talk to a member about.  Then basically we find out that she has been an investigator since forever and that she almost got baptised several times but because a lack of faith failed everytime and then basically voila! So we got her number and put her in contact with the members that she was trying to get a hold of. So that was super cool and we are going to see here this week and start helping her get back on the path to baptism

Another miracle and awesome experience; We got to do an exchange with the assistants on Tuesday and it was super cool! They had told us that they were both going to come into our secteur (area) and so we would need to plan two days because we would have an extra pair of hands in the secteur. So we rushed to organize that much stuff and weren't quite prepared as the morning of the exchanged approached. We decided that we would just pass some old amis and so we grabbed the  area book and started just calling people trying to pass them.  We didnt really get anything but the assistants showed up and we ate lunch all together and while we were eating lunch this lady called us. We answered and it was one of the ladies we had called earlier; well she agreed to let us pass with some cookies and a little spiritual thought! So Elder Tuau and I went over later and basically she was golden!!! She had been talking to the missionaries for about 6 years and had been preparing to be baptized in the evangilist church and basically that didn't work out because she had some lingering catholic beliefs and so we asked her to prepare for baptism by someone with AUTHORITY and she said yeah!! So basically it was super cool! 

Also this week we have district meeting in Clermont Ferrand and also an exchange with them! So that will be fun! I am super excited!! 

Love you so much!!

Elder Pettingill

With Elder and Sister Andersen at the Nice Conference
At the Young Adult Center in Lyon

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