Monday, January 20, 2014

Well I hit it...six months in France...(Jacob-Brive la Gaillarde)

Dear Famille!!

Sorry about the half french last week, I will try to keep it under reigns this week so I don't have to send Grandma and Grandpa the translation ;). But I bet you have been dying to know if I stay or if I go. Well I get to stay this time and I am absolutely excited to stay with Elder Adamson and Tihopu and then receive Elder Hunt tonight! It was a sad morning as we threw Elder Packer, who is going to Marseille as district leader, and we all bought the famous Brive Eclairs to help us keep in the bracing emotions that were about to burst.

It is going to be a great transfer with our ami Mathieu who is on his way to being baptized the last week of this transfer the 8 of Mars and the other couple amis that we have who are super awesome!! Me and Elder Adamson had an awesome theme this last week that goes along with the 1st Presidency message of setting goals. We have been going around sharing this message which consists of of sharing Alma 37:46 and reading a quote out Preach My Gospel (Chapter 8 in the section on setting goals). We have been really pushing to help members fix goals that will allow the Lord show His power! It is amazing how having a goal can help us so much! An analogy that we like to share is that if you are driving a car the only way is to stay completely straight on the road and that if you look to the right for more than a couple seconds, usually drifting starts to happen. As we fix goals and seek to accomplish them daily, always keeping our eyes fixed on this goal, we won't stray.

Something that have felt this transfer is the importance that the Book of Mormon plays in testifying of the reality and divinity of Christ's life and mission on earth. I love the words of Nephi and he explains the purpose of the words he was writing. We should believe the words that he is writing but if not to believe in Christ, but if you believe in Christ then you will believe in the words that he was writing because they are really the words of Christ. I know that Christ lives and that he really did come to support us in our difficulties.

To end on a note that is less spiritual but still applies. We went and got to see a castle this week! It is called Beynac and is super cool! A member lives just at the bottom of it and we went to see them and their awesome non-member kids! (it's a long story) but basically the castle was awesome and didn't even seem real. It felt like I was literally in Lord of the Rings. But it was amazing how well it looked like it defends people off. I love how if we build our walls high enough and fortify daily we are to be so protected. And it wasn't like Beynac was perfect and never fell but actually was refortified after losing a bunch (because it's French :) ) and so it is now really well built by all that.

Well I love you all and wish you good  luck with all those goals that you are probably dying to set now!


Elder Pettingill

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