I really enjoyed this week as all the lack of teaching and amis (investigators) and success finally really came together!!  I started off the week with a nice exchange with Elder Moeller the district leader and long mission friend (he was in Cannes for my first two transfers) He is such a good example for me of a great consecrated missionary. We had a super cool miracle together that fortifié mon témoignage de le Livre de Mormon (that strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon.)  Il y a 4 semaines pour Elder Adamson et moi, nous allions faire quelque chose et on a rencontré quelqu`n et on a parlé d how he could etre with his famille pour eternité and it was so cool because he était croyant mais sa femme était athée et il ne pouvait pas nous recevoir! Alors on l'a lasser avec un livre de mormon et il l'a accepté! But then on tuesday with elder moeller we walked down down the road to start porting and we saw him looking at us and then not knowing how we knew each other, on a refait contact! Enfin il lisait le livre de mormon et a ressenti une force d’énergie. Il est trop cool et est venue a l'église pour un leçon vendredi!!
TROP COOl! Elder Adamson et moi get along really well and  I can't believe how fast this transfer has passé. This friday is again calls and I am scared that we get along too well that we won't be able to stay together!
Also, We have really been pushing english class and had 6 non-members the other day for the and they all stayed for the pensée spiritual! C'était hyper cool! J'aime bien la capacité des activité d'ouvrir les cœur des personnes envers l'evqngile! Après le cours we were talking to Matthew (who has come every week and we gave him a book of mormon) and asked him if we could explain the book a little. En bref il a déja lu une grande partie (Hélaman, 3 Néphi, beaucoup d'autre petite partie) et qu'il voulait se joindre avec nous. Alors his baptismal date is for the 8 of March which he chose himself.
I know the gospel is true. I know that it brings happiness to into our lives and that God knows us and our personal needs. I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is absolutely true and with sincere seaching on peut trouver l'esprit plus evident dans nos vies.
Please look for a way to give out a book of mormon to someone because it is so powerful!
AVEC Toute mon amour!!
Elder Pettingill