Monday, January 6, 2014

Families (Jacob-Brive la Gaillarde)

Dear Everyone!

This week has been aboslutely packed and went again very fast. Monday night we went chez (to the place of) a super cool family who is young and working toward the temple. They are super good missionaries and deja (already) they have told us that they have had really good opportunities and are looking for more! It is so cool! The next night was the Reveillon (New Year's Eve)!! We went to another families house and ate Raclette! (melted cheese with grilled meat and boiled potatoes!!) So good! We didn't get to stay out late so we got back home, planned and then hit the sacks, but then at midnight someone had set an alarm without telling the other equipe and somehow Elder Adamson and I both had pots and pans in our beds so we hopped out turned the lights on and celebrated the new year for about a minute and then re-hit the sacks in order to get a good night's sleep. Then we finished the week with 4 new amis! We taught this super sweet family of 3 yesterday who we met before les fetes (the holidays) and then now got to teach them! We also have been having beacoup de succes (a lot of success) with our English class! We had 6 non members this week and 1 member! So cool! Hopefully the members can pick up the slack and come next week! ;) We also have this sweet islander who is so nice. We ported into him before the English class and he came and then we repassed him this week and we taught him a lesson.

I love the gospel. I have trying have this desire to learn which doesn't always come naturally or isn't always there because of laziness or distractions and so basically as I have really pushed to learn I have seen my desire grow too! So cool. Yesterday we helped out this lady in our ward with her Sunday School class and I just saw the huge difference there is in my desire and love of the Gospel from when I was in Sunday School! The kids here in France are super sweet but even for them it is hard to want to suck in the gospel! Well I love you all!!

Happy new year! I encourage you to remake goals as a family to bring someone to the missionaries! I know as we pray for opportunities and then diligently seek to find them they will be there! Something you can try to do is invite non-members to do family home evening with you or do an activity where the missionaries can be present (not even necessarily to preach the gospel but just to play a game or have a nice american barbecue with you.)

Love you so much!

Elder Pettingill

From Elder Adamson's blog: We went to Sarlat.  It was soo soo cool! 5 castles in view from that one spot!

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