So sorry about yesterday!! Sr. Gordon decided it was a good idea to go and get the we were inside the apartment all day yesterday. But we have a little bit of time today so I'm just going to send a short email.


I got transferred to Luxembourg, which is actually in the same pieu (stake) as Mulhouse! So that's cool. But Luxembourg is a different country, so that's going to be a change! But I'll tell you all about it next week. My new companion's name is Sœur Henson and she was actually in the same bleu group as Sr. Hafen! :)

This week was great. I'm so sad to leave Mulhouse though, I just love it SO much. I think I get attached to things too easily. :/ But everyone tells me that I'm going to LOVE Luxembourg, so that's good at least! 

AHH. I love you all.

Sœur Pettingill