Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 6 (Jacob-Limoges)

Well this has been a wonderful week!! This morning we had a wonderful surprise when Julian sent us a wonderful text "Bonjour !!! Hier, Dieu, le Très Haut m'a soufflé que, oui le livre de mormon est vrai. Joseph Smith a été prophète. Tout s'éclaire. Faites passez le message..." (Hello!!! Yesterday, God, the Most High, whispered to me that, yes the Book of Mormom is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet,. Everything is clear. Spread the word.) What a wonderful example of someone that TRULY, sincerely and with real intent sought out the answer and got it!! He did everything we asked him to do, to the letter and he got what he was looking for. We had a really great rdv (appointment) with him before we left to to Lyon, and basically just talked about how we just need to do all the things that God has asked us to do in order to get an answer and then just continue with patience. 

Then we had a wonderful conference in Lyon to prepare the mission for iPads. The iPads will probably be here sometime soon and then I assume we will get those in the next week or two, They talked a lot about many things during the conference and one of the topics was about agency and I really liked a comment made by Elder Nielsen about agency. He said that agency was the thing that Satan was going against since the beginning and he wanted to take it away, and that is still his goal but since he can't take away our agency now, he just tries to get us to not use it. His number 1 goal is for us to just do nothing. It was amazing as I thought of the many temptations that we have in this life and they all can be connected to Satan's desire for us to do nothing. For example, we steal because we do not want to do the back work that goes behind working to obtain something. 

We read in 2 Nephi 2:13-14 about things that act and things that are acted upon and we should not give into Satan and become objects that are just acted upon!! It was great!

The transfer news is that we are staying together in Limoges!! And they shut down the sister equipe...we now only have 6 including us in our district.

I love you!!

Elder Pettingill

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