Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 4 (Jacob-Limoges)

Well this week was wonderful. We had to really work hard to fill our time as we realized that much of last transfers work kind of fell through the cracks during the last 3 weeks and so we really got to work and found a ton of miracles.

On Tuesday we had a great rdv with Jacques and I learned a little more Hebrew! Turns out that Bethlehem means House of Bread. Interesting that Christ often refers to himself as the Bread of Life. The sisters hopped on the Hebrew band wagon and will be joining us for our Hebrew lesson tomorrow. Hopefully this will help him feel our love for him and desire to understand him and then to help him make little steps toward Christ!

We taught Alphonse on Wednesday and helped him better understand the Restoration. He accepted to take the steps necessary to know if it is all true. That is the wonderful part of our message and I think the most enjoyable thing to explain to more people than I can count on a daily basis!  We have so many blessings to know that God, our heavenly Father, talks to each of us individually and to the world collectively to help families be happy and live together forever! I think I explained that message and understood it a little more profoundly this week. 

Later we taught Julian, the friend of our wonderful member Baptistin (who is having a rough time and hasn't been coming to church). We had such a good RDV with him where we were able to truly unveil the Gospel. In the end we fixed a date for baptism and he told us that he wanted to go to the chapel right then. (Which if you had been with him since the beginning you would understand the incredible feat that that is for him as he has a huge fear that we are a sect and will grab him and pull him in.) We made cookies with them the next day which was also wonderful. The best thing is that it is helping Baptistin realize the blessings of the Gospel as well as he remembers the times spend during his conversion. 

On Sunday I called the father of Eric, the boy who wants to be baptised. I was thinking of fixing an RDV for later on this week but I think that he didn't understand and told us he would be at the chapel with Eric later that afternoon. WOW. We fixed a goal together for baptism for the 30 of Mai. We need lots of prayers because Eric and his mother do not have a great relationship and so essentially, although she is a member, she may not authorize qu'il le fasse avant qu'il ait 18 ans (that he can do it before he is 18 years old).... We fixed a goal that we are going to pray for her daily and then in 2 weeks, He will tell his mom what he would like to do and we hope that, just like Esther, he will come out still living.

On Sunday night we had a cool miracle. We had a rdv with an amie at 7 o'clock and we had Damien a JA (young adult) who is preparing to go on his mission. So we got on the bus to go to the RDV and we were passing the gare (train station) and I realized that we needed to switch buses because on Sunday they switch. So we got off. I called our amie to tell her we would be late and she said that she was also going to be late. We were not that far from her house so we had to figure out something to do. Well, we had wanted to see our ami Abey that day but with the timing it had not really worked out. So I called him and ask what he was doing and where he was and he said at the gare! Well it turns out that he was standing like 100 meters away from us and so we sat him down, taught him and and then went to our rdv with Sandra. Amazing how the Lord can fill our time with wonderful activities.

Well I love you all!!

Have a great week!
Elder Pettingill

Zone Conference in Bordeaux

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