Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 6 (Jacob-Limoges)

Well this week was incredible. Silvana is doing very very well and we taught her several times with members this week and then she came to Church for all three hours! We went at 8 again and she wasn't ready so we played the guitar and sang for her while she finished! We caught a bus at 9h15 and got the church in time for the second half of relief society (which unfortunately we did not attend with her!) Either way it went well and then we all caught a train (Sr Jacobsen, Cherry, Elder Steinbock and I) at 1 o'clock so we had members drive us to the gare (train station) to catch that. We went to Toulouse and then to Montpellier and it was super fun. We stayed with Elder Thompson (who is going to Perigueux DL, in BDX zone as well!) and Elder Erramouspe! It was fun to be back in Montpellier and to catch up with the two of them! Things have really gone well. Apparently the crazy miracle ami Bernard that Elder Thompson and I found came to Church twice now and is really progressing well. Rossil is still going strong so that is awesome as well! I am going to Lyon tonight and then I will get my bleu on Wednesday.

Well I have to go!! I didn't have much time this week!!

Love Elder Pettingill

Jacob has had permission to email me during the week about things to prepare for attending school this summer and fall. He emailed me Friday, after they had received their transfer news, to ask a question about housing. He didn't say anything about the transfer news. I asked him why he didn't just tell me his news since he was emailing anyway. I was actually teasing him, but his response shows how seriously he takes being obedient. Rich and I were impressed.

Well already we are not supposed to use the computer except for Pdays but because President had given me permission to talk to you during the week to figure out BYU stuff and so I felt excused in sending you info on that but I wasn't sure about the transfer stuff. Either way right now I am in Montpellier doing emails with Elder Steinbock. He is heading to TOULON!! and I am heading to Lyon to pick up a bleu (new missionary) so that will be really fun! I will most likely be there until Thursday so basically it is going to go quickly. Also something that we found is that we are getting iPads this transfer at the very end of the transfer and so they are having all district leaders go to Mission Leadership council next week... SO I am not sure what is going to happen. I may go to Lyon for 2 weeks or something... But either way voila... 

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