Monday, March 16, 2015

Through the unlikely, He accomplishes the impossible (Katie-Belgium)

Something that I love saying to our amis and members when they share a special experience that they had goes like this: "Wow! Le Seigneur, Il est trop fort!" (Wow! The Lord, He is too strong!) And it's so true.

This has been one of the most special, sacred weeks of my entire life. I grew this week. I changed. And I loved every moment.

The precious moments spent went from an amazing baptismal date set through the power of spirit to tears shed as a sweet spirit filled the room to a simple testimony shared on the street. I cried tears of joy this week. We talked to everybody, sharing all that we have to share. We ate WAY too much food with more members than I care to count. We had many, many, MANY spiritual experiences that I will treasure for the rest of my life. This week was truly a miraculous week. Unfortunately, I won't be able to share all of these experiences in detail...maybe some other time? But a recent theme has been taking over my life that I would love to talk about. In fact, this theme has taken over our entire mission. 


On Saturday, we received the news that three of our four Louise missionary équipes  would be leaving Bruxelles, including the Louise STLs. Actually, our entire mission is experiencing extreme changes like this, including changing of zones and STL équipes and ZL équipes and the Assistants. We still have our mission president though! Hah. Soeur Nielson is heading back to her bleuville, Villeneuve d'Ascq (practically next door!), to whitewash in the new STL équipe and I will be heading...well, home. Duh. During the entire day of Saturday we couldn't figure out what to do first--we went and visited the people that we had rdvs with, then ate pizza and fixed up our area book for the one équipe that will be staying here, then ate some reeses cookies (don't even question it, it was justified freaking out) and went to some more rdvs. Our ward is heartbroken. Our amies are crushed. Our apartment is a mess. Can we say stress? 

But do you know what I have had the opportunity to remember during all of this? Le Seigneur, Il est trop fort. I know that the Lord has inspired this, although trusting this incredible change has been trying. Yesterday during church I had the opportunity to testify twice to these amazing members that I love so much. I was able to testify of the Lord's love and inspiration. I was able to express my love and my absolute conviction that I KNOW that this will work out. I know that this is for a reason. I have spent 18 months and 1 week and, like, 5 days (or something) watching things work out. I have seen God's hand, and I know that this is still His hand. Il est trop fort.

It was also ridiculous because suddenly the change that I am going through in a couple of days began not just affecting me, but tons of missionaries as well. There is a quote that I read in one of the conference talks from last conference that I love. It says,

Change is what makes us better. Change is what allows us to become closer and more like Christ. Change pushes us to our ultimate goal of returning to live with Heavenly Father. Apparently, change is a good thing. :) So as I've dealt with no longer having a planner, and trying to pack all my stuff/make sure it all ways the right amount, and not participating in weekly planning, and now supporting my dear companion who's life is about to change about as drastically as mine, (okay, not really, but still.) I've been able to see that this is all for a reason. It will all turn out okay. You see, the Lord tends to use His most unlikely to accomplish the most impossible. He did it with me. He does it every day. 

I am strengthened through Christ. A really long time ago, a missionary named Ammon talked about one extremely important lesson that he learned during his mission, one that I would like to echo as having learned during mine: "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak: therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in His strength I can do all things." I have seen miracles. I know that He is there. I love my mission, and I will forever cherish every moment, but most importantly, I know who I can rely on. And I know that if I do, I will never fail.

I love you all. For one final time I send you my greatest love and the most GROS BISOUS I can muster!

Sœur Katie Pettingill
our amie made us hummus

apparently soeur Nielson thought it was okay to shoot

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