Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 1 (Jacob-Limoges)

Well this week went really really fast!!! I guess I will start by describing the first half of the week starting with last Sunday. We left Church Sunday afternoon at 13H and took 7 hours of trains to Montpellier where we stayed the night over. Then Monday I got to stay in Montpelier until 5 pm seeing many of my favorite missionaries and hanging out with Elder Erramouspe. Then Monday night Elder Barnes and I headed to Lyon. On Tuesday Elder Zenger and I, along with Elder Wilgose decided to go contacting all day in a big place called Bellecour. So we went to the store, bought some snacks, and grabbed a streetboard and a couple chairs and then contacted all the way until 6 pm when we went to pass a less active and then went out to eat as trainers. We ate at a place called Master Tacos, and Elder Wilgose and I ordered number 5's which are very large. It was great and then we slept over. Wednesday, we went to the training trainer's training. Later I picked up Elder Robards. We then spent the next couple days in Lyon and on trains. By the end of this week I will have been on a train for over 40 hours in 1 and 1/2 weeks. That is what I did.

Cool miracle. We found this Bulgarian guy a couple weeks ago and passed him with a Book of Mormon in Bulgarian. We checked up on him Friday and he had read up until the end of Mosiah. Amazing to see his faith and love for the Lord. He then walked the 30 minutes to church on Sunday all by himself, and got there before we did!!! He stayed the whole time!!! Amazing!!

Je vous aime tous (I love you all)!!!

Elder Pettingill

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