Monday, January 19, 2015

Just look around (Katie-Belgium)

Well everybody...last week is over. Even if I could describe to you all how fast we sprinted last week, I probably wouldn't. It was pretty fast. But that doesn't mean we didn't see some INCREDIBLE miracles along the way, all of which were well worth the run. 

We saw Landrine and Nicolas! Landrine was baptized exactly one year ago but has recently been very less-active, and when we went to pass by last week (well...I was on an exchange, so I wasn't actually there), her boy friend was there and described about how he is on the search for God and feels like there is "something missing" in his life. So we happily handed him a Book of Mormon of course. He and Landrine have come to church both last sunday and yesterday, and they are both slowly but surely learning and growing. It's amazing to see.

At one point during the few moments where Sœur Nielson and I were actually together, we went and taught a less-active named Joana who said something that absolutely made my day, but also gave me a lot to think about. After sharing a scripture about Christ, she began to teach us by asking us the question, 

"Jésus...c'est quoi aimer Jésus? Est-ce que vous savez, vous filles? C'est quoi aimer Jésus? Aimer Jésus c'est quitter la famille, le pays, la langue, les amis, les études. Aimer Jésus c'est oublier soi-même. Aimer Jésus c'est penser aux autres et faire du bien. Vous, vous aimez Jésus, et vous êtes très bénies. Saviez-vous ça?" (Jesus...what does it mean to love Jesus? Do you know, you girls? What is it to love Jesus? To love Jesus is to leave your family, your country, your language, your friends, your studies. To love Jesus is to forget yourself. To love Jesus is to think of others and to do good. You, you love Jesus and you are very blessed. Did you know that?)

It absolutely touched my heart. And do you know why? Because it isn't just me that loves Jesus. It is all of you. All of you missionaries. All of you faithful disciples of Christ. All of you. And I am so touched and blessed to be able to be surrounded by such incredible people with such amazing examples that teach me how to be a better person, missionary, and friend. What does it mean to love Jesus? It means keep on doing what He would do. I love the scripture in Matthew 25:40, which I read during studies this morning. How do we should Christ that we love Him? What can I possibly do more? How do I truly accept His Atonement? Just keep loving everyone else who surrounds us. Just keep loving.

Let me tell you why we sprinted this week. Three exchanges in four days makes for a lot of trains to catch, a lot of inspiration, a lot of learning, and is very mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausting. But in return, I feel SO incredibly uplifted and changed. All three of the exchanges (on my side of things) were with young missionaries in their third, second, and second transfers. I learned from Sœur Clawson's beautiful sincerity in the way she teaches, Sœur Proudfoots inspiring desire to work hard and find miracles, and Sœur Clark's sweet testimony that touched my heart. I love exchanges. I think Heavenly Father purposely gave me so many exchanges all the time because He knew that I would need A LOT of learning right before going home. Hah. 

What a beautiful week! I love being a missionary! Miracles are happening, guys. Just look around.

gros bisous et câlins!
Sœur Katie Pettingill 
my beautiful sœurs Clawson and Proudfoot in the middle of switching exchanges.
on our 4 hour travel to st. quentin, we grabbed some subway of course :)
Je vous présente Marie. One of my favorite people, and a member from st. quentin 
Us 4, time to say goodbye!

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