Monday, January 19, 2015

Great! (Jacob-Montpellier)

Well this week was super awesome! We were pulled all over the place but it was still super! On Tuesday we had zone interviews so it was great to finally get another interview after almost 7 months (I guess it was fine since we had some great people like Elder Andersen, Elder Kearon, and David come to fill up the time). President gave a wonderful presentation and I really enjoyed how he talked about becoming a delightful people! We talked about Joseph in Egypt and how he was loved by all and how as we live the Gospel, we grow in the attributes of one who is loved. We looked at the attributes of Christ in chapter 6 in Preach my Gospel which was amazing! We talked all about how we need to continue to develop them! I have been really pushing to become more Christlike which has been hard but awesome! It is a push! It is going to be even harder when I have even more distraction to keep me from trying to live to be like Christ! But it will be awesome!

Wednesday morning we went over to the family Roman's house and did service for them! It was very interesting because basically we had to finish up taking the final small morcels off their walls from old wall paper. It took such patience and sometimes could be very discouraging! We were going at it with a paint roller dipped in hot water when Fr Roman came in and said "Qu'est-ce que vous faites là!" (What are you doing there?) then he explained that there was an easier way! He then showed us the hand steamer that concentrates stream into certain spots and helped us to accomplish the meticulous job much quicker! I guess that is kind of how Christ feels when we try to change without relying on him, All he wants to say is "What are you doing!? Didn't you know that I bled and died for you so it wouldn't be have to be so hard?" As we look to the Savior, he can help us change! 

Another fun experience was going to Perpignan on Thursday night to do a baptismal interview.. My companion did the interview but it was so awesome to see a recent convert pick us up at the train station, with his soon-to-be-member next door neighbor, and drive us to the church for the interview. It is such a testimony of the power of member missionary work! Julien, the man being baptised, may not have made it to that point if his fiery-for-the-gospel recent convert friend from downstairs had not opened his mouth and invited him to come and take upon him the yoke of Christ!! (which by the way is actually much easier that you would think!)

I love the Gospel! I know that Christ can change anyone and bring us so much joy!

Yesterday we got the joy of seeing our ami Rossil (who did not get the training) miraculously come to church, and even got there before us! He loved it so much and especially loved principles of the gospel! Apparently the idea of asking questions in a church class is completely strange for most Christians... He loved that everyone came to learn together and to push together! I guess the gospel is like that!!

One question we are going to be asking members (thanks to our motivated new DMP [ward mission leader] Frere Clark) that may be good to ask yourselves: This year what are you going to bring to the Ward Mission (of Folsom, Montpellier, etc)? Right now is the perfect time to reevaluate yearly goals for missionary work and to work for it! If you havent set goals maybe a good goal could be to bring 1 person to Gospel this year, and then start praying for how you might accomplish that goal (or just ask the missionaries and they will know) over the next 12 months.. And then invite the missionaries over, tell them your goal and have them do monthly (or more often if you need it) follow ups to be accountable! (Preach my Gospel chapter 8 is a great one if you need references!)

Well I love you all so much!! Vous êtes les meilleurs!!! (You are the best!!!)

Elder Pettingill
during January interviews

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