Monday, January 5, 2015

Come what may and love it! (Katie-Belgium)

2015 is going to be such a good year. I can already tell. 

Can you believe that I left on my mission in 2013? It seems so long ago...and yet, it has been the fastest 16 months of my life. This week included.

There are several things that I was considering sharing with you. The first has to do with me. In case any of you didn't yet realize this, I am very far from perfection. Story to illustrate? So we get home from a long day on the streets, walk in the elevator door (we live on the 9th floor, so we didn't even consider taking the stairs), and both of us sigh and lean against the wall. Well, mostly me. That was the mistake. Soeur Nielson turns to me and says, " I have to go to the bathroom SO bad...will this elevator hurry up!" and then the elevator dramatically jerked to a stop. HUH?! Oops...I turned to her after a few really confused seconds and said, "I may or may not have leaned on the super big red stop button." Oops is right. Then, after pressing all of the buttons lots of times, having people yell to us through the door, we finally called the number in the elevator. The repair man would be there in 20 minutes, said the lady. Ohlala. ONE HOUR LATER, we stepped out of the elevator into our apartment. And the best part is Soeur Nielson didn't even pee her pants! Miracle if you ask me. ;)

Story number 2: We met the most incredible lady! Her name is Daphine (pronounced "daf-ih-nee"), and she has a little boy who is almost 2. So sweet. The rendezvous that we had this week is actually our second, but this one was really special because we got to her house and saw the English Book of Mormon that we had given her open next to her Bible. She then went on to tell us how she read the chapter that we asked her to read, and that she could feel the spirit and that it was definitely the Lord's book. She then went on to apply the chapter to her life, and shared with us all of her doubts and worries, and then testified to us of how constant the Lord is, and of how much He loves us. I learned a lot in that rdv. We're just hoping that the papers for her husband come through so that he can come join her here from Greece. :)

Okay, how about another little one. WE WENT TO PARIS. Just a quick overview of our New Year's adventure in Paris...we stopped by the famous lock bridge to stick one on for Soeur Nielson's best friend, then headed over to Notre Dame, since it's practically next door. I'm pretty sure the entire world was in Paris on New Year's...crazy. Then we left to go find l'Arc de Triomphe, which is so BIG and so incredibly beautiful. We couldn't help but walk down the Champs-Élysée on the way because it was closed off so people could actually walk on it. That was kind of neat. This of course gave us the desire to find Sacré Cœur, since I had never seen it, and in the process we got to take this giant diagonal elevator thing up to the top. We ended our adventures with the Eiffel Tour and Mcflurries before heading to the Paris soeurs' apartment (since when does Macdo have an elevator and automatic order machines??). Honestly, probably one of the most tiring days of my mission. But no complaints. :)

What a wonderful week. Hopefully this next one will even compare...non, je plaisante (I'm kidding). No comparing. ;) JE VOUS AIME TOUS. (I LOVE YOU ALL).

Soeur Katie Pettingill 
New year's partying with guacamole and european cheap version of martinelli's!
the lock bridge with notre dame :)

for you, mom :)
(In our Christmas skype, I told them that tags in creative settings are the big thing)
sacré cœur
eiffel tower on the hour at night :)
Macdo stop for mcflurries

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