Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 1 (Jacob-Montpellier)

Well I am now all settled into this wonderful crossroad of the mission! From what I hear and have already experienced, essentially Montpellier is the middle point of the mission and thus whenever there is traveling across country, missionaries will usually stop by here! This week we only had one visit from Elder Nye and Elder Steinbock who were coming back from Bleu's conference and going to Limoges! So I guess I will be crossing paths with many missionaries (nous allons "nous cotoyer" (we are going to rub elbows with them) (a new word I learned this week)) and will get to learn many more names! Already I have been learning a lot more about France, being in a new area with many new cities in the zone!

This first week was very good. It was interesting because here in Montpellier we use the tram line a lot more than the buses so it is a different dynamic of missionary work. For the moment we have several amis with whom we are working. The most prominent is Rossil. He is a very cool african ami that is progressing and he is doing very well and we are able to see him on a pretty regular basis so that is great! He is very open to the gospel and the only thing holding him back from being baptised is his work schedule which should be changing soon. We have a date fixed for the 24 of January which is going to be super great! Pray that his work will change! Other than that we are trying to help get the others come to church! 

This week we were able to teach a good amount but it was incredible because another companionship Elder Packer (who was with me in Brive and Nice) and his companion Elder Barnes (they are in Carcassone) were able to teach 20 lessons this week!! and they have been doing it for the last 3 months. It is pretty incredible because the reason they are able to work at such a high level is their unity. Seperate they are pretty good missionaries but as a team they probably could be put up as one of the best teams in the mission because of this incredible unity that they have! It is such a good example of how much could happen if we are unified in our respective groups (as families, wards, or with others like members and missionaries) then incredible things could happen.

I really felt the Savior's love this week! I am really trying to feel that same love for others. I know its hard but I know that it can make all the difference! I want there to be room in my priorities for others, especially those for whom I am responsible! I love you all and am very excited to see you Christmas!

Love Elder Pettingill

Read Elder Thompson's email to get more specifics about Jacob's week, including a presentation they had to give at a meeting with all the local leaders in the area. 

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