Monday, December 15, 2014

Feliz Navidad! (Katie-Belgium)

Feliz Navidad, everybody!

You could say that my spanish is coming along swimmingly. Hah.

Mais bon, I suppose I'll tell you a little bit about what happened during this marvelous week. I learned a lot about...well, a lot of things, that's for sure. My brain is a little scattered right now, but don't worry. I'll figure this email out.

Okay. So I got a new comp! Her name is Soeur Nielson, and the best thing about this new équipe that we have is she JUST came from Toul! So basically I am a happy camper to hear about all of the people that I love so much. And now, we are creating memories here with so many people that we will come to love so much. Being a missionary is so FUN. Wanna hear a miracle? I mean, it IS Christmas time afterall. 

So. As I mentionned above, my spanish is really coming along. I've memorized at least 5 sentences for contacting someone, so yeah. But anyway, remember last week's letter about prayer? Well, we were practicing our spanish and suddenly (having just learned how to Christmas contact a person sort of) had this urge to share my new-found skill with someone. So I quietly asked Heavenly Father for an opportunity to do this, and then to help me when it came. We head out the door and what do you know! Person #3 that we contacted was spanish! So I confidentally told her the few sentences that I knew, got her phone number to give to the Elders and said a silent prayer of thanks. Until soeur Nielson looks at me and mouths, "Can we pray with her?" 

Uhhhhhh I don't know how to say that! So I frantically make hand motions and she says that she would love to pray with us! (Potentially. I don't actually understand very much spanish.) So I look at Soeur Nielson to start the prayer, and her eyes just widen. She mouths, "I can't!" What the heck. She wants ME to say it?! 

So I did. It was about 2 seconds long, but the spirit was there. Consider the gift of tongues a real deal. I am a witness of that.

Prayer seriously works. 

We had so many Christmas miracles this week, including our ward Christmas party! 5 less-actives that we are teaching came. And we got to, as service-oriented STLs, SERVE the food. It was great, super fun, and we may or may not have gotten home a tiny bit late. But we were with our district leader, so it's ok, right? ;) After seeing all of our members and feeling the love that I had for them, I asked my companion during planning what we can do to help the ward. To truly become a "blessing, not a burden." You see, this ward currently has no bishop, no relief society president, no DMP (ward mission leader), no Elders quorum president, no real chapel (we're using the other ward's) and a lot of unnecessary stress. 

After talking with the RS counselors (we just don't have a president), we came up with a game plan to strengthen this ward. The Lord is helping us become missionaries strong enough to support a broken, not super unified or organized ward. It's absolutely incredible. 

The Church is so true. I get little witnesses of this everything single day, and I LOVE it. I love being a missionary. I especially love singing Christmas songs with everybody that we see/meet/run into. 

I love you all. Gros bisous,
Soeur Katie Pettingill
this cool site that was dedicated for Belgium and Luxembourg for missionary work by Elder Holland

saying goodbye...
we accidentally bought pizza. :)

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