Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas!! (Jacob-Montpellier)

Well unfortunately I got caught up doing BYU applications, which is not the most enjoyable activity for the wonderful season of fêtes, and it means my emails are going to need to go quickly!

This week was absolutely incredible and I we had some amazing experiences! To rapidly summarize the week, I guess I could just say that Love is the key. Christ was born in a manger, and because He lives, our trials can be made easy by taking His yoke upon us.

As well this week we had some incredible miracles! Elder Amerjan and I did an exchange where we planned to "find Waldo" (in this case according to the revelation we received, a college aged female wearing a green coat with fur on top and very open to being taught, and we would find her at "La Comedie" at 1:30.) Well we found her, but at 1:45.. Awesome miracle and proof that when we show faith, the Lord provides. Then later at the end of the week Elder Thompson and I left the apartment Sunday night and met a man that was literally in the middle of praying and then saw us, walked up to us and explained that he was evangilist and needed our help. So we sat him down, said a prayer and had a great talk there Sunday night.

Christmas was great and we received so much candy and chocolate that I am considering going off sugar in the apartment for a New Year's resolution.

Love you all!! 
Elder Pettingill

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