Monday, March 31, 2014

Lots of fun (Jacob-Brive la Gaillarde)

Well today we are taking relatively short emails because we are going with a member out to Rocamadour  and so we will be spending most of the day doing that and won't have much other time! Also bad news, I got the new SD card and have already started to take some photos with that but the only things is that I misplaced the other SD card with over 200 of my photos from the last 2 transfers which has been a real bummer.(I think I am going to start putting photos in each of my letters just in case now..) I have been praying to find it but have not succeeded yet and it has been so busy too that I haven't had a real good amount of time to deep clean look for it. I do par contre (on the other hand) have the broken locked SD card and will send that back with some on going letter that I have been writing little by little over the last while.

Some pictures of Rocamadour, France

So as far as this week goes, here are highlights of the week!

-We had an awesome lesson with our ami (investigator) Thierry and talked all about prayer. He is working on prayer. It is weird for me that someone would have doubts or concerns about the actual act of prayer because I have been doing it since I was young and it is just natural. But I like that about being here because there are actually so many people that have NEVER prayed and don't understand this capacity to talk with our Heavenly Father that has been such and is still such a blessing in my life.

-I had an exchange with Elder Lawrence on Thursday.  That was great and we had some great times porting and learning from each other! He is so great and is full of knowledge! He reminds me a little of Josh (Jacob's younger brother)! We had an awesome miracle together where we met a man from Spain (while Elder Martinez wasn't there :)) He was so awesome that he fixed an rdv (appointment) to see us tomorrow!
-Friday we went and helped do some service for a lady in our ward Sr Gaillarde. We did it with our ami Allain (who has actually been helping almost everyday with someone who is moving and so we haven't been able to teach him, but he did come to church so that is good!) and we filled up a van with all of her stuff that she wants to be moved to the new house.

-English class was great and we had a grand total of 3 nonmembers this week, so we are going to try and get that moving a little bit more again...

-We ported for 6 hours on Saturday and even got to the city limits of Brive..

-Sunday we had an awesome Sunday where the ward mission plan was presented to the whole ward and so basically things are going to start exploding here. I love church and we had a ward meal afterwards and so we all ate and enjoyed each other's company. We had Olivia, Alain, and Thierry at church for all three hours and the ward repas (meal) so that was awesome! 

Love Elder Pettingill

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