Monday, March 31, 2014

Nuns...or Ninjas? (Katie-Toul)

Hey everyone!! Ah man, I just love ya.

This week was great...well, what I can remember of it. It FLEW by. No but like really. But, the first exciting news of the week is...dun dun dun...we got our CAR!! It was so interesting because we had a few rendezvous (appointments) near the end of the week starting from Thursday in villes (towns) a liiiittle far away. Like, car-worthy far away. And every single night we just prayed and prayed that we would have our car starting Thursday night. Well, Wednesday night came around and right after we were done planning we got a call from the member who has been taking care of everything telling us that our car would be ready in the morning. YES.

So, the next morning we got our car!!
It was basically the same as last time except slightly less stressful.

Soeur Evans: "Alrighty Soeur P. Let's do this. Let's go!" Yep, okay, yeah, as soon as I figure out how to WORK this thing. But no worries, everything worked out okay. I haven't killed anyone yet, even though in France people are CRAZY. Hey, I have a good idea, let's just run out in front of all cars ever. No, NOT a good idea. And I probably stall it about once a day, usually when we are stopped at a stop light on a hill and the huge van behind me is honking like there's no tomorrow...Dude, it's RED. Calm down. I'll go when it's green. Then it's green and I try and I'm stress and OPE. Stalled. More honking. Oh well. ;) So that's the first miracle of the surviving a manual.

Okay, let's move on. I feel like this week has been absolutely filled with miracles. Maybe it has to do with this cool resurrection-message-sharing-thing we have been doing? I don't know, but it has been incredible to watch Heavenly Father arrange everything just how it should be just like that. On Tuesday we had a little bit of a scare. We had no car, but we were originally going to take a bus to district meeting (which takes place in Nancy, about 20 minutes away). We had arranged everything so that we could get back by 1:30 for our rdv with buses and it was all going to work out fine. WELL. We left a little bit early to go and withdraw some money for bus tickets (it's 2.50 per person) and...neither of us had a cent to our name. Why? Soeur Evans recently did her legality which emptied her account and hadn't gotten reimbursed yet, and I had to pay the parking fees which emptied MY account. Neither of us had any personal money either. Hmm...what do we do? Okay, yes, Mom, we said a prayer first. Then we started calling members, and member after member told us no, it was too last minute, they had other things to do. Then I looked at Sr Evans...What about Tiare? Tiare is our Tahitian recent convert, but her husband usually takes the car, so it was kind of a dumb idea. But we decided to call anyway. Voilà! Tender mercy. She had the car and was very willing to take us, and we got to District Meeting on time and left on time for the rdv. Heavenly Father is such a good dad.
Yep, we found cows

We've also had a more-than-usual amount of people asking us if we are the "bonnes soeurs" (nuns). Do nuns usually go around knocking on doors asking if they wanted to hear a message about the Resurrection?? Hm. Maybe I need to get up to date. BUT we did find a really cool family from Vietnam doing that very thing this week. They are Buddhist, but really liked the message about Christ. The dad doesn't speak French SUPER well, but we are going to print out some brochures in his language later. The daughters understood perfectly, and they all say hi to us whenever we see them playing in the street. So cute.
cool random cemetery we found last week

We had also some interesting opportunities to...climb over gates, actually. In skirts, you say?? Yes. In skirts. That's what happens when you are walking down this really long dark drive way at 8 at night and the family starts coming home and you get scared so you...jump the fence. Suspicious looking? Probably. Worth it? Probably not. Ah well :)

We also had an incredible soirée familiale (family home evening) with a family that a family in our ward gave us! Ok, "gave us". It was actually in the après-midi (afternoon) and it was so cool. The dad is golden, and the mom was pretty interested too! He already has a LdM and has been reading it. He sincerely wants an answer, too. Pray for them! They have two adorable children. They are even coming to church the Sunday after general conference :)

I love talking about Christ. I'm running out of time, but I truly know that because of Him, we get to live together forever. On peut être ensemble en famille pour toujours. (We can be together as a family forever.) That's our line that we tell people right now, and the cool thing about it is that it's TRUE. There are so many other miracles that I don't have time to tell you about, but just know that I love this gospel. I love being able to use the Atonement every single day in my life. I am so blessed to know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that I can pray to Him. I love being a missionary, and I love Toul. 

Have a wonderful week!
Gros bisous,
Soeur Pettingill

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