Monday, March 3, 2014

And the Little Engine said, "I think I can!" (Katie-Toul)

Hey everyone!!

Would you like to know why my subject line is about the Little Engine that Could?? I thought it was pretty clever with all of the emotions from this week. WE TOOK SO MANY TRAINS. 

OH and also, Dad, thanks for the update! I'm sure you've been dying for the transfer news...I know I was. You're the best :)

Anyway, back to the trains...Sr Henson and I decided that we were commuting from Luxembourg to Nancy literally every single day. We didn't actually move there until Thursday, but we took a train on Tuesday for interviews, then Wednesday for a special conference (which was FABULOUS, by the way), then on Thursday to move there...then on Saturday to go back to Lux for Jennifer's baptism and a train back to Nancy on Sunday after the baptism. That makes...hold on let me do the math...7 trains! 7 trains in one week going to the same place and back over and over. Bahaha my life is so funny :)

Speaking of the baptism!! It was incredible. The best part was the contrast of the opposition to the actual baptism. There was SO much opposition! I know it's because Jennifer is a strong one. Thursday night (the night of Jennifer's interview) we were in Nancy. TALK ABOUT STRESSED. Seriously all day long. We don't have a lot of contact with the Elders because they were moving out of their apartment that day, and we were so stressed, just hoping and praying that everything goes well with Jennifer's interview. So we're sitting in the STL's apartment (I had this awful cold and felt a little bit not we stayed inside for a little while) and at exactly 7:05, we get a phone call from our DL. He then proceeds to tell us that he is STUCK inside an elevator. The interview was supposed to be at 7. Talk about a heart attack. And we freaked out for a long while...but both of us know now that when Satan fights good with darkness, the Lord fights back with light. Big, bright, powerful sunlight. We didn't hear anything else until the next day...oh so much stress...but the DL called us to tell us that it JUST SO HAPPENED that Jennifer's train was delayed by almost an hour and she didn't get to the church until around 7:45 or something. The exact time the Elders got there. Tender mercy. 

Then Sunday rolls around (the day of) and Jennifer gets to church and she has this AWFUL cold. Like, I probably would've postponed the baptism if it had been me. Luckily it wasn't me :) Jennifer is stronger than that and was determined to go forth with faith. Then during amis class she managed to start having terrible back pain. Huh. Interesting that earlier that week I had felt impressed to put some ibuprofen in my bag (definitely hadn't needed it until then). She took it and felt better. She was soooo tired, poor thing. But after we got to the pool--oh, by the way, she was baptized in a pool--everything went so smoothly and wonderfully. The members absolutely ADORE her. The spirit was so strong.

We left right after the baptism, and when we told Jennifer goodbye...she started crying! It was one of the saddest moments ever. My heart broke. Let's just say we all hugged it out :)

Another interesting thing that happened this week...I tried SUSHI for the first time!! And it was delicious. It's pretty funny, so Katia, a less-active we visit, is adorable. And I told her (I guess I must have) a little while ago that I had never tried sushi. SO for our last meal together, she made me sushi. :) Yep, that was a good experience for both my stomach and my soul. I love that lady so much! I'm definitely going to miss her, and all of the other wonderful people I have fallen in love with in Lux. 

And just to add, I did indeed get TOUL! I'm opening that ville for sisters with Soeur Evans, Soeur Hafen's old companion. Soeur Henson is going to Evry (PARIS) with a francophone! So many more adventures to come.  

Love you all!!

Soeur Pettingill

Also, here is a note from a private email:  So I got transferred to Toul, which is right outside of Nancy. It's actually me and Sr. Evans (Sr. Hafen's old comp) whitewashing the elders out (taking their place), AND we have a car. And I am the designated driver (which means she will be the one doing the driving.)

Some pictures from interviews
On the left of Sr. Pettingill is Sr. Henson, and on the right is her previous companion, Sr. Gordon. What amazing sisters they both are!
President Poznanski is right across the table from Sr. Pettingill

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