Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Exchanges and Zone training (Jacob-Brive la Gaillarde)

Well the Email place closed early yesterday at 3 o'clock right as we got there so we got some extra time to do missionary work yesterday and now we are doing emails today voila. 

This week went by really fast. On Tuesday (the 11th) Elder Hunt (one of the Elders in his apartment) and I did an exchange! We had a really awesome day full of finding, porting and lots of sun! So awesome! He was so awesome and at the end of the night we had an awesome miracle where we taught this awesome African family. The dad is a cardiologist at the hospital here in Brive and he is sooo smart but he is so humble and believing! It was incredible how well he understood our message and had such awesome comments about the scriptures we shared. His name is Viergi and has his wife and two daughters. He said yes to baptism but the day that we suggested he said he was already busy. He is so awesome and we are gonig back tonight and hopefully we can fix a day to work for! 

This week we also had Zone Training! That was Thursday and we learned so much that is going to help us so much! We started to use a questionnaire to help people learn more about geneology and also another about prophets! After that Elder Martinez and I stayed in Bordeaux for an exchange with the zone leaders! that was really nice and gave me a chance to ask questions about being a district leader and what I need to do and how I can do better! That was great! Our ZONE leaders are Elder Strom and Elder Beyers. 
Bordeaux, France
We are going to be holding district meeting this week. Normally it is the last two weeks of the transfer that we do district meeting but it changed this transfer. So basically I have to prepare for that and the exchanges that will happen before and after. District meeting is going to be in Perigueux and we also have Bergerac in our district.  It is 5 equipes (companionships) of Elders. 

Bergerac, France
Perigueux, France

As far as other people we are teaching, Alain is doing well. He didnt come to church on sunday and has been struggling with stopping smoking. We didnt get to see each other much last week but this week we are going to really try to help him this week by seeing each other often. Also Olivia who lives in Tulle came to church and accepted to start working for baptism the 12th April. She is so awesome and the members love her. One member invited her to play the piano in Bordeaux for something for the Relief Society! She is basically already a part of the ward!

I love the gospel and the peace that it brings! That is one of the greatest things that the gospel gives us is peace and the glory of god. Everything that we do helps us more fully have this peace in our lives. What helps us be obedient can be our extreme desire to never lose that peace in our lives and that we would NEVER do ANYTHING to lose the spirit in our lives. When the glory of God becomes more important than the things of the world is when we are start to change! 

I love you all so much!! Thanks for the package and candy! Everyone in the apartment was so grateful and Elder Martinez already ate his peanut M&Ms. 

Elder Pettingill

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