Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toulon Week 2 letter received in the mail

Dear Family!

Well this is day 3 in France.  I am absolutely loving it and made it here safely.  The last few days have been very cool but humbling at times.  The plane ride was awesome but long and I got some sleep on the plane.  We lost a couple of missionaries in London and a lot of luggage, but thankfully all is well now and I didn't lose anything.  President Roney met us at the station and we ate and went off to the mission office.  We then saw the Bastille in the middle of Lyon and it was so pretty and it was huge.  You can see all of Lyon from there, it was so amazing! Also I saw and heard a man playing the accordion (he drew a picture of an accordion). So cool! Classic France moment! Later we played some Jeopardy about French stuff and I learned some cool stuff.

We have been using the Metro so much and it is awesome! It is a new experience for sure and I have loved it!

I got my companion and new area but I won't tell you until later.  Just kidding.  His name is Elder Frandsen.  He is awesome and I can tell he is going to be a great missionary.  We are going to Toulon and opening a new equipe (companionship) in the area.  I am so excited and we are going to work so hard!

I don't have much time so I love you and will tell you more later!

Love you so much!

Elder Pettingill

Note from Khristine: The address on the return envelope of this letter is completely different than the one the mission office gave us.  I emailed to ask about it today, and Sister Clark told me the mission elders recorded the address incorrectly, and the one Jacob gave us is correct.  I am including the correct address below.  I apologize if anyone already mailed something to the wrong address.  We feel your pain as we already mailed three things, including a package from Amazon francais. ; )

Elder Jacob Pettingill
Les missionnaires
Le Clos Fleuri Bat. 5
58 avenue Auguste Berthon
83000 Toulon

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