Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 1 in France Mission home and first few days in Toulon


First of all they were right when they said it is hard to type on a french keyboard!! Everything is so weird!!

There is so much to tell and so little time!

I had a great flight and arrived in time! There should be a letter coming that I wrote at the office! President Rony is so awesome and I had a good talk with his wife who is so nice!  We spent all of mardi, mecredi, jeudi (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) in Lyon and then left on Friday! There was a lot of confusion and so we got changes in our plans.

Like you heard my companion is Elder Frandsen and he is just awesome! He is super obedient and also he is an amazing cook and I have definitely been fed well over the last few days in the food area! and we have already begun to see a lot of success! We have a really nice apartment and it is apparently one of the nicest apartments in the mission and has AC which is uncommon in Europe I hear! It is nice because we are in TOULON! Which is pretty hot! The trip here on the train (TGV) was very exciting and we got to see a lot of the pretty countryside of France! 

Today we went shopping and it was super fun!! We got some fresh baguettes and some briquette cheese (I think that is what it is called) and it was so good!!!!!!!!!!! Also yes the yogurt is better here. 

The French is coming along and  I am not really having too hard of a time. It is hard understanding sometimes but then I just look at Elder Frandsen and he helps me out!

I love the church members in France!!! They are literally so nice and are super helpful!!!! We had a leçon with an older sister in the ward and a man named Frère Tonguy came twenty minutes by bus just to make it possible for us to see her!! He was a little hesitant on the phone but said he would come. When we saw him he had a bad knee and was using a crutch!! Amazing dedication and I feel so blessed to be with such a great ward!!

Sunday with the members was also great and my companion and I got up and introduced ourselves which was cool! Then we got to teach a man who asked to come to church and we committed him to baptism!! 

I guess you can see that we are seeing a lot of miracles right now and it is true. It feels like almost everyone we have been talking to has been prepared by the Lord in some way or another! One last miracle that we saw was that we had set the goal to have two new engagés by the end of the week and last night we were walking around and had kind of forgotten. It was about 19h00 (7 pm) and we were walking in the park and contacted this lady named Guilène and she was interested to come to church and we asked if she had anytime for us to teach a leçon quickly and she said yes!! So we taught her right there and oh man she was prepared so well!!!!! We taught the leçon and engaged her for baptême and she said yes!!! 

The Lord is so merciful and blesses us so much when we are obedient and have a desire to do what is right! I have strengthened so much and am just so grateful that the Lord is allowing me to see these miracles!

I love being in France and it is so pretty but I know that what is way more important are all the wonderful people God has been preparing here to hear his Gospel!

I love you all so much!!

à la prochaine semaine! (until next week)

Elder Pettingill

Saying goodbye to Elder Nelson and three random pictures taken in France

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